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Welcome to the amazing PtClub!

PtClub is the site for pt’s. We believe in privacy, prosperity, freedom and business

PTClub is one of the oldest privacy sites on the Internet. This site is for privacy seekers and those wishing to secure their sovereignty. We believe in maintaining our civil liberties, privacy, prosperity, freedoms and business. PTClub offers tax free offshore services, offshore company incorporation, immigration services, residency and passport programs, offshore bank accounts and many other financial services in world wide tax havens.


A personal or company tax free offshore bank account can be yours in a surprisingly short period of time. No hassles with our European Union banks.


Mail drops R Us! Starting from US$150 with more than 50 countries to select from. ID NOT required (unless otherwise noted.)


Maintain your privacy using bearer share companies in the world's top tax havens.


If you wish to learn more about or further your right to privacy and sovereignty then look no further. PTClub has the right reading material for you.


Our ATM cards are the best on the net. Credit cards available as well.


Legal residency programs that lead to a second nationality and passport starting from a remarkably low cost.