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120K Annual Withdrawal Allowance - No Name BitCoin ATM Card

How much would you pay for a BitCoin ATM card with a 120,000 annual withdrawal/load limit?

Our bank source has been able to issue an limited number of these highly valuable and hard to obtain BitCoin ATM Cards from our source in Central America for our customers.

This card offers loads via BitCoins when a card holder signs up for their associates BitCoins account for free.

This highly valuable BitCoin ATM Card is issued from a bank in Central America that is well known for its privacy friendly handling of it customers. These hard to obtain cards are available in United States of America Dollars (USD). Your card can be used anywhere in the world to buy goods and withdraw cash from ATM's in the local currency.

Big Brother is always on the look out to tighten up loop-holes, but with this card you can keep another precious step ahead of him! For just Euro 595 including courier delivery, you can have this valuable and hard to obtain card sent direct to you.

The BitCoin ATM Card Basics

Money kept on this card is untraceable and untouchable to all but the bearer of the card and its secret pin code. Only your passport copy, a recent utility bill and a one page application is required. Just your order, payment and an email address to be attached to your card is all that's required. No paper trail need be created. You will receive no statements and no mail related to your transactions. In a world of increasing intervention, it is good to know that there are still places where you can hide a nest-egg.

Your PIN number comes sealed and is delivered along with your card and full loading instructions upon receipt of a fully paid order.

You can check and verify your funds on-line. A special Internet access account is included with your order.

This BitCoin ATM/Debit card does not bear any personal details about its holder on the card or when used from a ATM till or elsewhere. This card does not display any name on the front of the card. There is a CV2 number on the back.

This anonymous BitCoin/Debit card product is issued by a privacy friendly bank in Central America that is a full member of SWIFT.

Your no name card can be funded by Euro/USD bank wire transfer, BitCoin (see above) and Western Union by you or any third party.

This card offers you the ability to withdraw up to US$ 2,500 or the local equivalent per day, subject to the amount you remitted for load and the local bank ATM withdrawal policies. There is US$2,500 daily withdrawal allowance. A US$10,000 monthly load allowance monthly or a US$120,00 yearly load ability for this exciting card. The card is valid for three years and is renewal direct from source at a small nominal fee.

* Fee for cash withdrawals from card is 2.5 % or a minimum 2 US dollars/2 Euro.

Cost for this BitCoin ATM/Debit card is Euro 595 per card, including courier shipping to you anywhere in the world.

Due to the scarcity of these valuable BitCoin/ATM debit cards, there is only one card per customer allowed.

Funding your card with funds:

Money can be paid in via a Swift or Iban wire transfer, BitCoins (see above) or Western Union by yourself or from any third party.

There is a US$2,500 day limit concerning withdrawing funds per day. Max. Load:US$10,000 monthly . As previously stated, your card can be reloaded by wire from you or any third party. Loads and correspondence should be sent to the pay in details given when you receive your card.

The possibilities with this card is limitless.

Here's how you get started:

Remit your payment of Euro 595 to PTClub after ordering HERE

Once we receive payment for your order, within one business day we'll send you your card opening form. Fill this out and return to us for processing via email.

The source for these cards has purposely limited the number of cards for sale. We trust by doing so, this will not bring unwanted attention to these products.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer before supply runs out, order now by just clicking here for our secure on-line order form.

Just indicate your preferred method of remittance for your order, BitCoin, MoneyGram, Western Union or bank wire. We'll send you the pay-in particulars as we soon we hear back from you.

Ask about our NO ID option.

Each card can be loaded with a US$10,000 monthly load There is a /US$ 2,500 per day withdrawal limit. Maximum of TWO cards per person per order only.

The card cost is EUR 595 which includes courier delivery to you anywhere in the world. One cards only per person. The tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as your card is dispatched.
1.Once we receive your order and paid funds, your card will be dispatched to you within 3 banking days.
 2. Please provide a name, street address and a contact telephone number (for courier purposes only,) for the safe and secure delivery of your card.
4. From the time we receive your order and cleared funds to the time you receive your cards, please allow a few days for the bank to process and ship your card directly to you.
5. As soon as your card has been received, you will need to send us a confirmation of delivery with your card number so that we can have your card activated.
Loading funds and courier fee could be wire to the following coordinates, remembering to include at least 10 Euro to cover incoming bank wire charges.

To Re-capitulate

  • USD 10,000 ATM monthly cash load/withdrawal ability.
  • Bank balance card view via internet.
  • BitCoin ATM?Debit Card.
  • Passport and utility bill required to purchase card
  • Wire, swift transfers, BitCoin and Western Union for loading purposes.
  • No ID required to access funds in cash.
  • No Signature required to access your funds in cash.
  • Only US$25 to maintain account in good standing without bank charges - 24 Hour Instant access worldwide to your CASH funds- Your name unknown to bank, not linked to card.
  • Deposit & Withdrawals nearly anywhere.
  • Total balance on one card
  • Card can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Carry in your Wallet Like an ordinary card.

Ordering Procedure
Only US$ 595. BUT once our supply is gone, the program closes down and that’s it. Comes with complete instructions and all particulars.

Simply click on the online order form below.