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PTClub - About Us

When George Orwell wrote the words: "Big Brother is Watching You," London taxi drivers were not allowed to install rear view mirrors for fear of infringing on the Privacy Rights of passengers. Today London taxi's not only have rear view mirrors, but video tapes you as well in addition to tape record any and all conversations you might have whilst riding in a taxi!

Today's tracking technology records every kilometer you drive, everything purchased, every financial transaction you make, every email you send and receive, every telephone and mobile call made and received and every web site you visit... plus how and where you travel with biometric passports and soon to be mandated ID cards. You're recorded more than 400 times a day on closed circuit TV, whilst you're personal details are stored on who knows how many thousands of databases!

Worse on December 7th, 2004 the US Congress passed the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 (S.2845) also known as the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. What this amounts to is an INTERNAL passport requirement much like Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union used to crush and control their citizens. In other words, in addition to the NSA spying on everyone, in Amerika, you will be required to have on your person at all times government issued ID with biometric features, which can and will be demanded at anytime by any government official, officer, agent, etc. at various 'check points' across Amerika, including random road stops!

Throw in the NSA, most other federal, state and local government agencies, social media, advertisers, etc. (think Facebook Google, etc.) and you are now being tracked from cradle to grave.

Big Brother has truly arrived.

PT Club is one of the oldest privacy providers on the world wide web. We've been around since 1997 helping thousands of satisfied customers obtain true sovereignty and to protect what's left of your privacy in a legitimate manner. Some of the products and services we offer include:

  • Second passports
  • Legal residency programs
  • Anonymous ATM debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Private consultation with offshore experts
  • Bearer share companies
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Free Newsletter
  • Books & Reports
  • A cornucopia of tax-free, offshore bank accounts
  • Plus much more

As with all financial matters in today's world, we invite you to conduct your due diligence regarding our good company. We're confident you'll find us trustworthy, honest and able to deliver the products and services you desire in a timely and professional manner, just like the thousands of PTClub's customers before you.

PTClub is an atypical business. In an effort to protect your privacy and ours, and due to the sensitive nature of our products and services, PTClub does not accept nor make telephone calls or allow walk-in sales or queries.

If you do not understand this policy, or you're not comfortable with it, please do not order from PTClub. Go to your local bank, show them your life history and allow the bank's proctologist to examine every aspect of your life in order to send it to big brother just to get a credit, debit card, or open a bank account, etc.

Those who respect the nature of our business will, like thousands of customers before, understand and appreciate our privacy policy.

For secure communications we suggest you use pgp email. To download the latest FREE version of pgp, go to http://www.pgpi.org

You can locate PTClub's pgp key here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to make a query please contact use

Thank you for your time and welcome to PTClub!