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Passports and Residence Programs

Looking for a second passport and a TAX-FREE residence? Now you can "kill two birds with one stone". With PTClub's South American residence programs you will receive:

  • Official residence permit.
  • Local residential mail drop for receiving government papers.
  • Local bank account and Visa card from a major European bank.
  • Walk through the entire process.
  • Local cedula (ID card) and driving license.
  • You need only visit the country once or twice, and the best bit is a FREE PASSPORT (totally legally, by naturalization) after as little as three years.

"Good things come to those who wait". These North, Central and South American passports offer much better visa-free travel possibilities than "instant passport" programs like St. Kitts and Nevis and Dominica which cost upwards of $250,000. We advise all clients who can afford the very low cost of these programs to get their foot in the door now. Offers like these will not last for ever!

Full details of the various programs are below. However, as these programs are tailored to personal requirements, please contact us by email to discuss your requirements further.

Diplomatic Passport - Please follow this link to our Diplomatic Appointment & Passport Section. Thank you.

Dominican Republic - You might be interested to know that a small investment in an inexpensive apartment or condominium will get you legal residency and citizenship in the Dominican Republic in a few years. Don't discount this island paradise. The DR offers probably the fastest period of residency in order to obtain legal citizenship via naturalization in the world. Its close proximity to the US, plus favorable tax benefits for its citizens may make an intelligent investment for those seeking a second citizenship on the cheap. In addition it offers an excellent safe haven to go to in times of trouble.

Real estate values have been on the rise in the DR and are likely to continue to go up. Many of our clients have reported that after obtaining citizenship and selling their real estate, they ended up making a profit and getting the citizenship FREE. Naturally we can't guarantee you the same results, but there is a high probability of it happening if you act now.

So if you'd like to be held by the hand obtaining your residency and investing in an apartment or condo, our fee of Euro 10,000 is all that it takes. Plan on two trips to this island paradise and a week or so of your time each visit. You'll be meet at your hotel and shown various apartments and or condominiums by our long time, trusted associate and local representative. They'll hold you by the hand assisting you in getting the right apt. or condo to meet your budget. The properties come in the budget, mid or luxury rate of prices. Prices start at around US$20,000 for a modern two or three bedroom apartment in Santo Domingo or similar area, right on up to the beach front luxury units on millionaires row.

Once you've purchased your place in the sun, during your next visit our local contacts will hold you by the hand assisting you in every step getting you your residency. Then in a few years, helping you get you naturalized and you're citizenship.

In addition a one time investment for this Caribbean island citizenship program can get you instant nationality and a valuable passport. Cost is just Euro 19,500. The choice is yours.

Alternatively you might be interested in a one time investment for a South American citizenship program in order to obtain instant nationality and a valuable passport offering excellent visa free travel to most of the world.

PTClub offers an opportunity from a low profile but highly respected South American country. A name change is possible. Document is valid for ten years and renewable for life at any of the host country's consulate's worldwide.

Comes with a cedula (citizens ID card,) local drivers license and the whole nine yards. Processing time is approximately 12 to 16 weeks from the time full funds, pictures, finger prints and a completed application are received. Cost is Euro 65,000. Additional family members are Eur 45,000. All you need to get started is to remit to PTClub our referral fee in the amount of Euro 1,000 (applied toward purchase.) This is by far our best and easiest nationality/passport program offering nearly worldwide visa free travel.

Once we receive your referral fee, we'll place you in direct contact with source. Source will answer all your questions and will help you with all the modalities. Please do not ask us for the name of the country. We are bound by contractual agreement and are unable to supply the name of the country unless we receive a fully paid order.

All your questions, including the name of the country is forthcoming once you remit your referral fee and we pass you along to source. Understand that payment for this nationality program must be made in full in order to proceed. Placing your funds into an independent escrow account is not an option with this program. However if you desire, PTClub will agree to hold 40% of your funds in our account until documents are procured. Sixty percent of your fee must be released for legal and other processing fees.

Banking Passport - Many people simply want to remain anonymous and rightly so. Some nationalities are excluded from opening certain accounts. For instance, opening a Swiss bank or brokerage account by Americans is frowned on by most Swiss banks in today's world.

PTClub has a solution for you. Enter the Banking Passport.

You can obtain a legally issued banking passport from an African nation with any name, date and place of birth for a surprisingly low cost. This is an official government immigration program which can be executed at extremely short notice and which will result in a permanently renewable passport and national ID document being issued to applicants. The cost of the program starts from only Euro 5,999 per applicant including, in one case, a non-revenue producing investment in a government sponsored Project Development Fund. It is available in as little as 4 weeks time of completed paper work.

A truly fine program which has proven its credibility well in the course of the past years. Hundreds of PT's the world over have made use of this opportunity to get a bona fide 2nd (or third) citizenship along with an alternative (banking) identity to protect their assets from Big Brother's tax sharks and other unsavory entities.

Please DO NOT consider this passport for traveling purposes. Visa's are required for all countries. This passport should be considered for banking purposes only. However, some clients have informed us they have successfully traveled to Cuba and several other African countries without any visa!

All payments for citizenship programs are to be made via a bank to bank wire transfer or MoneyGram. ALL prices are in Euro or the USD equivalent.

West Africa (NOT South Africa!)

  • PROGRAM FEE : Euro 12,500.00
  • DELIVERY TIME : 4-6 weeks
  • FAMILY PLAN : None
  • POINTS of INTEREST: Great "banking passport", visa/travel limitations
  • Name Change Possible!
  • Add Euro 1,000 for Naturalization process (showing you as being born anywhere.)
  • Add Euro 1,000 for local full drivers license and local back-up ID!
  • Application supporting document checklist:

    Please make sure that you scan and email all documents as well as ship them by DHL for each applicant in your family; address TBA.
    * Application form
    * 8 Passport size color photos. No eye ware or head-ware on the pictures
    * Color copy or scan of current passport
    * Color copy or scan of national identity card
    * Color copy or scan of drivers license if applicable
    * Color copy or scan of birth certificate
    * Certificate of good conduct or police record (original and English translation)

One Time Use Of A Passport -

The Lord works in mysterious ways! Some folks fall on hard times, have marital and or financial problems and need money. PTClub is on a mission to help them and you. We have located a handful of down on their luck souls who, for the right price, will agree to allow a one time use of their passport and sign the bank application forms for you so you can open a company bank account ... IF you acquire the company and bank account from PTClub.

You maintain sole control over the company and bank account because ALL bank codes, passwords and apostilled company papers plus the power of attorney are sent direct to you from the bank. So you can change the passwords and even the person named on the company bank account any time you wish.

  • Cost for the one time use of the passport and signing of the bank application forms is Euro 5,500 (subject to availability.)
  • Cost for an off the shelf bearer share company and company bank account with Internet banking, codes and an ATM card with unlimited daily withdrawals is Euro 2,250.
  • Set up time is very fast indeed.
  • ORDER HERE at our secure on-line ordering form.