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Secret Andorran Numbered Bank Account!

Numbered Andorra Bank Account

Yes, ptCLUB can bring you for the first time and assist you in opening a highly private and respected personal or company bank account in Andorra or the Andorra's bank branch in Panama. This bank account can no longer be opened remotely as a personal visit to the bank is required. This is strictly for normal clients with completed due diligence and deposit direct to the bank your 10,000 USD or EURO opening deposit and for those ready to start relations with the bank.

As you probably realize opening an account remotely in Andorra has not been possible for a good number of years. However PtClub is fortunate to have secured for your benefit our highly reliable and time tested source that can accomplish this for your benefit.

Following are the requirements for a personal bank account remote opening in Andorra or Panama:

** Passport
If you are meeting us or the bank in person, simply show us the original so we can take a copy. If you are opening the account without a meeting, this copy will need to be certified by an appropriate professional such as a notary public, lawyer, accountant or bank officer. A passport is the preferred document but in some cases it is possible to use other ID documents that are issued in major countries and easily verifiable.

In the event you wish to open your Andorra bank account remotely, then the following applies:

Andorra Remote Bank Account Opening - Legalised, With Apostille passport copy original will have to be sent.

** Reference:
* Ideally a reference from a bank, but a reference from a professional person or an existing client of the bank may also be acceptable. The person writing the reference must have known you at least two years. In case of Andorra remote account opening preferably both banker's and lawyers reference, if not possible - banker's reference.

* *Proof of address:
* The best option is a utility bill or a bank/credit card statement. If you do not have any utility bills showing your name and address, we can discuss other documents that may be acceptable. The documents should be recently issued within the last three months. This is COMPULSORY.

For companies:

A set of the above documents is required for each individual who is named in any way, for example directors, beneficial owners, and authorized signatories. (If you are using our *nominee director service*, we automatically provide the necessary documents about the nominees.)

A bank Reference Letter Sample will be provided to you at the time we receive your order and cleared funds.

In addition a reference letter sample from a lawyer or accountant will also be provided to you at the time we receive your order and cleared funds.

In the event you do not have a current properly structured offshore company, we can have one created for you in your chosen name with a nominee director and nominee shareholder for just Euro 1,695.

2. Documents about the Funds

These documents are required to demonstrate to the bank that the funds are clean and of non-criminal origin. The most common documents to prove source of funds are copies of contracts for sale of real estate or businesses.

Other acceptable document might include copies of invoices, brochures of your existing business, salary slips, pension statements etc. The amounts shown on the documents must approximately match the amount of expected deposit shown on your original application. Documents are not required if you do not expect the balance to exceed EURO 10,000.

This program is only for very good clients with legitimate income.

For corporate accounts all corporate documents should be legalised.

The cost is Euro 1,750. Your ordering code for a personal account in Andorra is "Andorra P". For a company account in Andorra your ordering code is "Andorra Co".

Add Euro 1,695 for an offshore company with nominee directors and shareholders.

To order from our secure on-line order form just click here