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Cheapest Internet Casino Licenses in the World -

Ptclub has established contact with the relevant government officials and we will be developing our Anjouan services further over the coming year. In particular, the government has announced a plan for tax free virtual residency for individuals which should be available in late 2000 or early 2001 and promises many advantages.

Current services available from Anjouan include:

  • Incorporation of tax-free companies (approximately Eur 2000 per year)
  • Redomiciliation of existing offshore companies which are currently based in jurisdictions which are threatened by the OECD or the FATF. Special Eur 100 price for redomiciliation and first six months.
  • Maildrops: one of the most remote jurisdictions in the world! Only available with Anjouan companies.
  • Bank accounts: currently only available with orders for Anjouan companies
  • Banking licences - slightly more complicated and expensive than Montenegro, but nonetheless an interesting possibility.
  • Insurance and re-insurance licences. Ideally suited to captive insurance companies. Lowest rates currently available in the world, on very attractive terms.
  • Internet Gaming Licences. A fixed fee of Eur 50,000 per year is charged for virtual casino licenses. The server may be located on the island, or anywhere else in the world, and profits may be cleared through Anjouan offshore banks or possibly using the nearby island of Mauritius which has better-established credit card processing facilities. The licenses may only be issued to local companies, but local nominee directors can be provided.
  • Transport licences. for maritime and airline companies.

Our Anjouan services are very flexible and can be tailored to your company's needs. They are not suitable for "packaging". Therefore we must charge an initial consultation fee to discourage timewasters.

This fee is Eur 2,500, and will be applied towards your first purchase of Anjouan services, or against any other order from ptclub.

Please contact us by email to arrange your consultation.