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Anonymous ATM Card & Internet Account

This anonymous no name ATM card is with a major bank and can be operated via the Internet. Your account can send and receive bank to bank wires via swift code. You can deposit cheque's, bankers drafts, money orders, etc. in US$, pound sterling, Euro's and most major currencies. Access your funds from over 500,000 ATM machines in anonymity world-wide.

Absolutely NO NAME appears on the card, although passport copy and a current utility is required for banking records only. Once we receive your order and payment, PTClub will email YOU direct the application. You simple sign the application in your chosen name, give the bank a "secret code" name, return the application and presto, that's it, you're up and running with a truly anonymous ATM card and account.

If you'd like a truly anonymous ATM card with an account to go along with it in any name, then this is right up your alley! A truly rare product indeed.

To Re-capitulate

  • Anonymous No Name ATM card.
  • Bank by phone, mail and fax, or with internet.
  • Wire, swift transfers, cheque's in and out.
  • Unlimited cash withdrawals from ATM facility-not limited as others to $500 per day.
  • Choice of name on card...Any name on card, you pick-you sign.
  • No ID required to access funds in cash.
  • No Signature required to access your funds in cash.
  • Only $1000 to maintain account in good standing without bank charges - 24 Hour Instant access worldwide to your CASH funds- Your name unknown to bank, not linked to card.
  • Deposit & Withdrawals in Anonymity.
  • Limited Supply available. The program since limited will not attract the negative attentions of mass marketed programs that some insecure governments feel are a threat.
  • Double Protection of Bank Secrecy plus anonymity.
  • Chose your name.
  • Set your own cash balance after opening deposit.
  • Totally Anonymous & Transferable.
  • Protected by bank secrecy laws.
  • No reporting requirements that we know of.
  • Better than the Austrian Sparbuch.
  • Use like any Credit/Charge Card.
  • Company & Director’s name on card or any name, the choice is yours!
  • Wire transfers or checks into and out of account - Flexible arrangements for known customers.
  • Extremely Low Profile…Card can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Carry in your Wallet Like an ordinary card.

Ordering Procedure
Originally supplied to several clients for $5,000 you can get it now at ptclub by a much lower price: only Eur 950. BUT once 50 are gone, the program closes down and that’s it. Comes with complete instructions and all particulars.

To open, remit funds for Euro 950 which includes all set-ups and introduction fee.

Simply click on the online order form below