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Anonymous Wire

The Coded Connection: Your Secret Numbered Account in your chosen name

Your secret numbered account in Africa, the "Switzerland of the continent". Very few other countries still offer the famous numbered accounts (including Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Andorra) they have essentially become a marketing gimmick for personal banking services. You will need a regular account, a large balance and a good personal relationship with the bank before you can qualify for one of these.

Bank, now a part of the European Union bank swift wire alliance, we can still open numbered accounts for unknown clients.

Main features:

  • Multi-currency account
  • Send and receive wire transfers via secure internet banking
  • ID is required to prove non residency and need be notarised and apostilled. But the point of these accounts is your chosen code word or number (you can choose one or the other, not both) will be shown on your outbound or inbound wire transfers.
  • ATM card and banking codes included
  • No daily limit in transactions
  • Internet banking: full capabilities for sending and receiving SWIFT and other international transfers

You have a free choice for the code except you cannot use a word like Limited, LLC, Bank etc which would imply the account belonged to a company. A code-name such as "ABC Widgets" or "XYZ Consulting" is acceptable. "Mickey Mouse" or "Ronald McDonald Duck" are also acceptable but are sure to make your transfers high profile as they pass through the international financial system, and numbers are best avoided as they cause confusion (people mix up code numbers and account numbers which are different things, for example).

Procedure to apply:

  1. Place your order
  2. We will email you the forms, ready to fill out. You should print these on paper and sign.
  3. Send the forms direct to the bank with a passport copy (only one required) and opening deposit.
  4. The bank will send you confirmation and code tables to access your account via internet.
  5. Note that you will be required to submit both an apostilled copy of you're passport and signature in order to secure this type of secret account. For more information about apostille's, see apostille.com

For added security, why not use a one-time mail drop to receive the confirmation and code-tables from the bank? That way the bank won't know your regular address, and they should never need to send you mail again unless you lose the code tables.

PTCLUB fee: Euro 2,999 (includes courier delivery) or with one time mail drop: Eur3,200 Order now!

To order from our secure on-line order form just click here.