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PTClub - Contact Us

PTClub is an atypical business. We've been helping people to protect themselves personally and financially since 1997!

In an effort to protect your privacy and ours, and due to the sensitive nature of our products and services, PTClub does not accept nor make telephone calls or allow walk-in sales or queries.

If you do not understand this policy, or you're not comfortable with it, please do not order from PTClub. Go to your local bank, show them your life history and allow the bank's proctologist to examine every aspect of your life in order to send it to big brother just to get a credit, debit card, or open a bank account, etc.

Those who respect the nature of our business will, like thousands of customers before, understand and appreciate our privacy policy.

For secure communications we suggest you use pgp email. To download the latest FREE version of pgp, go to http://www.pgpi.org

You can locate PTClub's pgp key here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to make a query please email us.

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Thank you for your time and welcome to PTClub!