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Debit Card with Virtual US bank account for non residents

Despite being one of the most aggressive governments when it comes to pursuing its own citizens, the United States of America can be an attractive tax haven for those who do not hold citizenship or residency. There is no tax on bank interest earned in the USA and a US dollar check book is about the closest check book you can get to one offering worldwide acceptance.

These debit cards with a virtual US bank account can be very useful for foreign persons - corporations seeking to do business in the US with no physical presence.

We can now offer this "Debit card with Virtual US Bank Account" that contains everything you need with the following features:

  • Opened entirely by internet.
  • No bank references needed.
  • No notarizations needed.
  • No utility bills and no proof of address needed.
  • No SSN required.
  • No reporting requirements.
  • ATM or Visa card included.
  • Non resident secured credit card available.

This impressive Visa Prepaid Debit Card can be used in person or online to purchase goods and services in addition to making cash withdrawals at ATM's machines worldwide.

You can send money to any other cardholder for free. You can also send money orders and pay bills online. Plus there is online balance checking as well. When your card arrives, it is ready to use. Simply activate it and add money.

The card comes embossed with your name on it and is valid for one year. A renewal card is automatically dispatched if you have been using your original card. The renewal card is valid for three years and so on at no additional cost.

These cards offer interesting load and card withdrawal allowances. One can have as much as US$10,200 on the card total at any one time. You are also allowed to load up to US$7,000 per day. For U.S. residents, if loading the card at an authorized merchant store, you can load up to US$5,000, subject to the merchants individual load

Loads can be made by bank wire, authorized merchant stores and at most any Western Union and MoneyGram office. You can also load your card with cheque's and money orders as well as via PayPal.

By providing your name and address the card is dispatched within 21 - 28 business days for customers..

Applying is quite "flexible!" For U.S. customers source doesn't ask for copies of id, but will ask you for your name, address, date of birth and social security number. Overseas clients can email us a copy of their ID direct. Just follow the printed instructions that comes with your card and you are all set to use this impressive card and virtual US bank account.

Your cost is just Euro 950. Order now!

Our fee: Euro 950