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European Union Personal or Company Bank Account

Probably one of ptCLUB's all-time favorites… and one the easiest accounts on offer!

This popular package offers total confidentiality at a fair cost considering its offers top rated brokerage account.

Thank you for your interest in this unique banking opportunity!

This banking setup offers the ability for a personal or company bank account within the prestigious European Union. Included is internet banking via a security token as well as a visa or MasterCard debit card.

Setup time is fast as well.

The bank's requirements for a personal or company bank account within the European Union, Cyprus:

* scanned copy of your passport
* recent utility bill (less than 2 months old)
* your CV (resume)

If you intend to use an already existing company, the requirements are;

* a scanned copy of each directors and shareholders passport copy
* a scanned copy of each directors and shareholders recent (less than 2 months old) utility bill
* each directors and shareholders CV (resume)
* business plan and most important, - scan copies of corporate documents including the
* share certificate and resolution to open bank account at "TBA" bank Cyprus.
- scanned copies of apostille
- scanned copy of Good Standing with apostille (in case if company older than 9 month)
- scan copies of passports and utility bills of prestigious/Directors/Shareholders
- filled out our questionnaire. (see attached.)

The fee for a personal or company account (using your current company papers) is Eur 1,250 or the US$ equivalent.

Add Eur 1,250 if you require us to create a Seychelles or Nevis Company (no annual filings required with these jurisdictions) in your chosen name.

Once we receive your order, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

Thank you for your custom.

To order please proceed to our secure on-line order form at our SECURE ORDER FORM

Just select your preferred method of payment in the drop down box via our ordering site.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.