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Passports and Residence Programs

Looking for a European Union Residency or and a European Union residence? Now you can "kill two birds with one stone". With PTClub's EU passport and residence programs you can achieve your privacy and financial goals!

Residency - Passports from - Hungary (EU) , Portugal (EU) , Slovenia (EU), and Cyprus (EU).

"A second passport could save your life!"
- Dr. Walter Belford, second citizenship expert

Following is our updated overview of our alternative European Union Residency, Citizenship and second passport programs, with current pricing and government processing periods.

Starting with Hungary, we offer a panoply of nationality, residence and passport programs within the European Union (EU) for your perusal. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here.



Clearly a winner for those that seek easy access to the European Union, at an affordable cost.

We are very excited about this new program and process. This is an excellent program and one of the best we've had the pleasure of offering clients over the 18 years we've been on the www.

Here is the information and process:

For our clients who buy new or ready made Hungarian company from us, we offer immigration administration service. At the end of process clients will get a 1 year business visa. They have to extend it every year and they can travel freely in the European Union with that. Hungary is also a Schengen country, no borders within the EU.

Clients don't have to visit Hungary for the company formation. They can send us all the necessary documents by Fedex, DHL, UPS, etc. All they have to do is go to the local Hungarian embassy to notarize them, or they should take the documents to a notary for authentication in their country and they need to have apostille on it too.

Most of the Hungarian business associations can operate anywhere within the European area, that means they can provide cross-border service without forming a new company in the destination country.

Application steps

Our company and our immigration lawyers guide our clients through the process- from the company formation until getting the business visa.

Step 1: company purchase ( ready made Hungarian company saves time) 1,750 Euro + 285 Euro (admin fee)

Step 2: consultation with the Immigration lawyers ( Their's fee for the immigration process is 2,920 Euro+VAT)

Step 3: For the Hungarian long term business visa applicants have to create a company which has an actual activity . On the bank acct. the company has to have at least 10,000 USD. The company's registered capital has to be at least 10,000,000 Hungarian Forints (about 33,100 Euro) but only for showing it in the cash-book, clients can withdraw it and use it up right after.

The person who wants to get the visa has to be the owner of the company. He/She has to have at least 3 EU citizen employees six months before applicants want to get the visa. For that reason a ready-made company can fasten up the process! Applicants have to have valid EU social security and accommodation in Hungary.

The Hungarian min. wage is about 330 Euro monthly (for the employees).

Documents to start: A copy of your valid Passport, and copy of address card. The documents have to be notarized by the local Hungarian consulate or notarized and apostilled.

Hungarian Government is very supportive with the non-EU business investors. In the EU they can get a long term business visa one of the easiest and most economical way in Hungary. Our company and our excellent immigration lawyers will help them all the way through the process.
Hungarian residency bonds

There is also a Hungarian residency bond program where the client has to invest 300.000 Eur in Government bonds that He will get back after 5 years. This way He can avoid all of the above procedures and gets permanent residency in 2 weeks. Please confirm if you need more info about this program.

Payment modalities: PTClub's processing fee for a single applicant is Euro 30,000 plus costs as noted above and below. For a family of two or more it is Euro 45,000 plus costs as noted above and below. Payment for the program is 100% in advance of processing.

About Hungary

Hungary is a European Union Member country since 2004, a democratic parliamentary republic with institutionally open economy. Hungary is also a member of the Schengen countries which means Hungarian business visa holders can travel freely in the Schengen area.

The country is located in Central Europe, offers a perfect destination for foreign investors who want to extend their business or need a stable pillar in the European Union. Being a member of the Visegrad Group, Hungary has a developed economy with easy access to all markets.

The capital is Budapest (population: 2,000,000), most flights come to Liszt Ferenc Airport, which is easily reachable through any major European cities. Or Vienna is only 3 hours by train from Budapest.

The Hungarian economy is mostly similar to other European countries. 66% of the GDP comes from the service sector, the industrial sector takes 25% of the GDP. Recently, the output of export orientated companies are increasing very rapidly.

Most part of foreign investors are attracted by the highly educated Hungarian manpower in almost every sectors. More than 60% of the Hungarian labour force had completed a secondary or vocational training. In spite of this the wages are 60% less than the average in the EU27 countries, and high percent of the educated workforce speak English.

All of this makes Hungary an ideal environment to start your European business now!
Key benefits of a Hungarian company

The rate of the Hungarian Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is 10% under HUF 500.000.000 (appr. EUR 1.850.000 or USD 2.630.000) tax basis and 19% on the exceeding tax basis.)

In Hungary there is a 50% tax benefit after sales of Hungarian registered patents, inventions and royalties (registration is easy and cheap)

In Hungary there is:

  • no levy tax on dividends received;
  • no levy withholding tax (WHT) on dividends distributed;
  • no levy tax on capital gain income.

The conditions of tax exemption of the capital gain income are as the follows: · at least 30% participation; · minimum one year holding period; · report to the tax authority about the purchasing (or obtaining in other title) of the participation in 30 day (less attractive element of the regime that fail to file the report in 30 days the tax exemption will be lost forever, therefore the deadline must be taken care to a marked degree). In Hungary there is no any withholding tax on outgoing payments to third countries that’s why it is ideal place for formation of an agency company that collects the income of Overseas Clients and then forwards it to them.

You may select and order the available company formations below and find the related informations with additional services on the right side.
KFT company formation

The most common company form in Hungary which starts up with a share capital made of shares of a certain value, and where the members’ liability covers only the capital contributions they paid themselves. Yet in case of the creditors’ damage the managing director’s liability covers all the company debts unlimitedly.

Incorporation costs

* Service price: 1,750 Euro
* Licenses: depends on scopes
* Minimum capital: 3 000 000 Ft


For the foundation of a Limited Liability Company minimum 3 000 000 Ft (approximately 10,000 Euro) is needed as primary stake. Shareholders have to pay this amount to the company’s bank account or the LLC’s cash desk. Later they can use up this sum for company expenses. Members of the company must be adult natural persons with legal capacity or can be another business association. The owner may as well be a minor person (due to the limited liability) yet the chief executive officer can be adult only. Members may not be solicited by public invitations. Having local directors or employees is not a requirement, investors from non-EU countries can be shareholders with the same conditions as EU citizens. Even a single person can be owner/sole shareholder and manager of the company.

The liability of the members is economically limited hence their liability covers the core deposit or other stipulated auxiliary services and supplementary payments. Members are not liable before the creditors of the company, their risks coverage is limited to the amount of their core deposit.

Most of the Hungarian business associations can operate anywhere within the European area, that means they can provide cross-border service without forming a new company in the destination country.

The Hungarian Company Register is available for everyone with the main information of a company at www.e-cegjegyzek.hu

Company formation steps

You can start a Hungarian company remotely from your country including company’s bank account opening.

If you decide to start your company remotely, the order process is the following:

You get a hold of us via email and we liaise about your inquiry. If necessary we provide more general and company information to our clients.

You either fill out our order form or our colleague is going to send you an email with a questionnaire.

In next step we are going to send you an advance proforma invoice. You pay for it by a bank wire remittance.

You need to send us a copy of your valid Passport, for EU citizens government issued ID is sufficient, and copy of address card. For EU citizens these items have to be notarized and sent back to us. For non-EU citizens the documents have to be notarized by the local Hungarian consulate or notarized and apostilled.

Preparation of the documents. We are going to mail you the following documents to sign:

Articles of association countersigned by an attorney, register of members, chief executive officer’s statement of acceptance, statement, according to which the chief executive officer is not under the scope of any prohibit described in 23§ of the Act on business associations, power of attorney, certification of the payment of duties and publication fee, the owner’s consent is required for the use of the head office, place of business, branch, and special documents if the scope of activity requires it.

Bank account opening. Hungarian bank account cannot be opened remotely or by a powered person. By appointment clients can open it with staying only 1 day in Hungary or alternatively we can offer Slovakian bank account establish. Authorization is sufficient for that and it’s accepted by the Hungarian Authorities for limited time With PTClub your company can be registered and operable in few days. Hungarian shelf company Buying a shelf company is a perfect option for business investors who do not want to register a new company in Hungary. Our ready made companies have already been incorporated but have been left dormant. This means that these companies did not perform any business activity during their lifetime, have no public debt or any other outstanding obligation. This will be certified for you in the sale and purchase agreement. The only steps you will need to make are to change the ownership and the scope of activities.

Another advantage of a ready made company is that the company is already established on the market and this gives it credibility and age. An aged company can be very useful for creditors and biding on tenders.

The shelf company purchase documents do not need to be signed in Hungary. Our clients can sign the necessary documents anywhere in the World.

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As you probably realize obtaining legal residency anywhere within the European Union is no easy task, especially for persons from many countries including but not limited to China, India, the Middle East, Central and South America, etc. and so forth.

Although obtaining residency for citizens of The United States, New Zealand and Australia might appear to be a bit easier, nonetheless is can be a daunting task and not as easy as one would like.

Enter our "Portuguese Residency to Nationality Program" which allows for nearly anyone, from any country, to legally become a resident of Portugal and the European Union and thereafter become naturalized and a citizen of Portugal with a Portuguese EU passport and all the privileges thereof.

Three files, in PDF zip format, explains this Portuguese residency process in a plain easy to understand straight forward manner. The cost is remarkably low, considering how valuable this program is, whilst this program being extremely flexible indeed. Click HERE to down tour "Portuguese Residency to Nationality Program"

PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 7,500. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 15,000.

Slovenia (EU)

Our expedited Slovenian citizenship program is currently the most cost-effective way to obtain citizenship from the European Union (EU) and an invaluable European passport. The entire citizenship process can be completed in less than four months and requires only one brief visit to the capital of Ljubljana to receive your naturalization papers and Slovenian passport(s) in person. The total program cost is just US$250,000 for the main applicant, US$50,000 for a spouse, US$50,000 for each child under the age of 16, and US$100,000 for each child aged 16 and above plus PTClub's referral fee. PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 7,500. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 15,000.

Cyprus (EU)

PTClub's immigration lawyers in Nicosia can process our clients' expedited Cypriot citizenship if they are willing to make any of the following investments in Cyprus:

1) Mixed investments and a donation to a Cypriot state fund: Applicant must invest at least US$2,000,000 in the national investment company and an amount of at least US$500,000 as a donation to the Research and Technology Fund of the Republic of Cyprus, plus PTClub's referral fee of Eur 7,500 for a single applicant or for a family Euro 15,000

2) Direct Investments: Applicant must invest at least US$5,000,000 in Cyprus (purchases of houses, offices, shops, hotels, businesses active and/or registered in Cyprus, bonds and securities registered
and issued in Cyprus, etc).

3) Deposits in banks:
Applicant must have a fixed term deposit of at least US$5,000,000 for a period of three years with Cypriot banks.

4) A Combination of Mixed Investments and a Donation to a State Fund, Direct Investments and Deposits in Cypriot Banks: Applicant must have a combination of the above options for at least US$5,000,000.

To start the process PTClub's referral fee in the amount of Eur 7,500 or equivalent is required. The cost for the program fee's as noted above are to be paid direct to source after we require your referral fee of PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 7,500 and for a family of two or more it is Euro 15,000.

ORDER HERE at our secure on-line ordering form.