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FREE Confidential PT - Offshore E-mail Newsletter

This popular PT privacy newsletter is from one of our long time colleagues, who is another true believer in privacy and civil liberties. This newsletter is your best FREE bet with the compliments of PT Club.

This famous newsletter was distributed in hard copy to subscribers since February 1995. It offers a very interesting collection of articles, which is the result of almost 10 years of research and publication.

PT Club believes that it is imperative for you to keep your fingers on the pulse of what's happening around the world regarding your civil liberties along with what options there are in order to protect yourself. This FREE newsletter along with PT Club's web site, will help you accomplish that. Therefore it would be an excellent idea for you to bookmark our web site www.ptclub.com to keep yourself updated regarding these matters.

In order to help spread the word on how your civil liberties are being intentionally stolen by big brother, this PT newsletter is offered via e-mail absolutely FREE with no strings attached.

This is a 'reader' type publication, established in 1995 and published electronically, monthly. A free subscription is available. Topics covered include:

  • Personal Protection
  • Retirement Havens
  • Privacy Tips
  • Computer Privacy
  • Discounted Travel
  • Offshore Banking
  • Asset Protection
  • Legal Second Passports
  • Immigration and many other related topics.

Here's an introductory article from this PT Privacy Newsletter:

Pursue An Alternative Lifestyle, For Greater Personal Freedom, Privacy, and Financial Well-being.
Decide how much freedom you really want. There are ways to increase your freedom of movement; to travel and experience more; to live in a number of countries of your choice; and to be less vulnerable to the penalising nature of government systems, and their restrictive legislation. In other words, you no longer need to be a pawn in someone else's power game. You can live the life you want.

Reclaim your entitlement to privacy
In our 'wired' societies, every financial transaction or electronic communication we make, is traceable. Our births, memberships, employment, investments, and even innocent shopping sprees, are 'on record.' If we interact with social groups, political movements, dissident demonstrations, self-interest initiatives, anti-establishment enclaves, or simply innovative business ventures, we can, at any time, come under surveillance by government departments, such as the tax man, food and drug agencies and/or investigative authorities, without being aware of it. This information provides bureaucracy with the leverage to pry into our personal affairs, and to make judgments and take actions against us; according to their manipulative strategies of the time. The adoption of a libertarian philosophy and modus operandi, can provide you with the wherewithal to build immunity against the violation of your privacy.

Increase your wealth, without increasing your earnings
'Tax', in all its forms, has become the ugliest concept in our modern economy. Why? Simply because it is excessive. When you take into account Income Tax, VAT, State and City Taxes, Customs Levies, Duties, Excise Taxes, etc., you'll find that you're being divested of 70 to 80%, or more, of your income. Without resorting to illegal methods, excessive tax can be avoided, which increases your personal disposable income proportionately, and, hence, your financial freedom and the quality of your lifestyle. There are also procedures which can protect your estate, and safeguard the financial security of your heirs.

Become a sponge
Your key to achieving all of the above, and much more, depends on your interest and your motivation. Opportunity exists, and it will come to you through accessing the specialised information that is made available to you through this site and the pages of The Freebooter Newsletter. The subject matter of what is known as the PT Lifestyle (PT - Past Taxpayer, Perpetual Traveler, Positive Thinker, etc.) is extensive, and has many facets which centre around the various aspects of the sophisticate's world of needs and aspirations. In essence you will become 'informed' on little known matters that are not available to the general public through open media channels.

To receive your FREE subscription courtesy of PT Club, just Click Here and place "FREE NL" is the subject heading. We promise to forward your email address immediately to our colleague and you'll be placed you on their newsletter database.

You'll receive their very next newsletter (and all future newsletters) absolutely free. This is another way of PT Club thanking you for visiting our web site and becoming a part of PT Club.

The Publisher
January 1st, 2015