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Welcome to the PTClub - home for the Free Spirit

If this is your first visit, we welcome you warmly. If you have ten minutes to spare and would like to know who we are, what we stand for and how we can help YOU to achieve PRIVACY, WEALTH AND FREEDOM - then please use this page as your personal launch pad. Alternatively click our ContactUs link.

The second decade of the 21st century is here and it's a NEW world indeed for all of us. Big brothers attacks against your civil liberties are increasing. Take a few minutes to protect what's left of your personal freedoms & civil liberties.

PT Club has been around since 1997. We're a loose association of free + thinking + individuals. We are definitely not Politically Correct! (PT not PC) We don't want to offend anybody, so if you believe government and "justice" is always right and will always support you if you do right, or if you believe that only criminals need financial and personal privacy - then please click here to visit a more appropriate site.

However, if you belong to the daring, the individualists and those who defy convention and mediocrity you may find your home within our group.

ptClub is not a company. We have no base, no registered office, no mailing address, no phone number and none of the normal restrictions. We exist only in cyberspace - but the services we offer are very down to earth!

Nor are we just a business. We're not just "in it for the money". We love sticking a finger up at intrusive, bureaucratic governments which try to suppress the sovereignty of the human spirit. Sure we try to make money on the services we provide, but hey - we're not communists and we do have to eat!

We are not conspiracy theorists or anarchists either. We are realists. People who want to be free to live normal, quiet middle-class lives without all sorts of unnecessary laws and taxes.

This site is one of the leading "alternative" offshore providers in the world, and we have a wide choice of legitimate products which are often sold to professional intermediaries, other lawyers etc. who in turn sell them on at much higher prices to "consulting" clients. This can be a bit overwhelming if you are completely new to all this, so here's where to start…

  • First of all if you don't know what a PT is, go to What is a PT. Here you will find an article called "What is a PT?" together with some other eye-opening, shocking material. PT was popularised by a gentleman named Harry Schultz. You will find some enlightening books and reports in our Bookstore. They are very easy to read and highly recommended. If you're still undecided but would like to be kept informed we offer a free, no-bullshit, no spam, no obligation monthly newsletter in association of one of our PT friendly colleagues, which they will send to you by email. Click Here to subscribe FREE.
  • It is a sad fact that governments don't want you to access the sort of information in this site. It is called censorship of ideas. You should therefore NEVER conduct offshore business, NOT EVEN REQUEST INFORMATION, from your home address or email account. Everything these days goes into databases. If you are thinking about setting up an offshore business or 'alter ego' then your very first step should be to get a secure maildrop (offshore postal address with forwarding service) and, if you need to use telephones, faxes, internet and so on get a secure communications set-up too. The cost of these privacy precautions is very low and is time and money well spent.
  • Maybe you are looking for a personal offshore bank account so you can build up a little nest-egg. These days it really pays to go through an intermediary such as ptClub, because offshore accounts are getting very difficult to open. The simplest and cheapest is a foreign Debit Card Savings Account which allows you to pay money in and draw it out through any ATM world-wide, and can be started with $100. For more sophisticated accounts of $10,000 and up, you could check our Euro style account or one of our numerous other bank introductions which takes your fancy from Andorra to Vanuatu.
  • Never mind expensive legal tools. We say that the safest place for your hard-earned assets under an alternative identity. Provided YOU and ONLY YOU know that identity, no jealous bureaucrat or greedy ex-spouse will ever find your assets. Court orders, Legal Assistance Treaties etc are all useless if they don't know what name to search for. An alternative identity can provide 100% watertight protection at a fraction of the cost. Our Alter Ego page is a starting point.
  • If you want to run a business account offshore then our Eurocorp package is a great place to start. Likewise, if you want to be able to access high-performing offshore funds that are censored in many parts of the world (from the likes of Credit Suisse, Barclays or Bankers Trust down to small venture capital funds) then Eurocorp with a maildrop is the solution.
  • More sophisticated offshore players should check out our Offshore Companies page where we have hand picked the best jurisdictions for privacy and asset protection, carefully avoiding British protectorates where the offshore industry is under threat.
  • The world of second passports might seem like a place for romantic James Bond types, until you realise that your passport is an ownership document. It and you both belong to your government and can be withdrawn at any time. Second passports in times of need (if the shit hits the fan) are very expensive and usually illegal. In contrast, those who see a second passport as an insurance policy and plan ahead can acquire one legally and confidentially for a reasonable price. Our Immigration page has the full info.
  • Finally, don't miss out on a subscription to our FREE NEWSLETTER. No spam, no bullshit, just a monthly email digest of valuable offshore information you won't find elsewhere. Click HereClick Here for your FREE subscription.

Of course the above is just a taster of what ptClub can offer. There are many other products and services listed on-site, and many more we can offer but are unable to publish on site for various reasons. That is why it is worth your while to Click HereClick Here - advice is free, subject to reasonable use.

We hope you enjoy our site and drop back regularly for the latest updates.

The Privacymaster