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Alter ego: a new you through a new Identity!

Big Brother is more intrusive than ever: in today's high-tech world information is storedā€¦. forever! None of us can predict what will happen in the future, or when information we give out now could come back to haunt us. Who knows when database A may be merged with databases Q and Z?

The best policy is therefore NOT to give out personal information at all - EVER! Protect your privacy. Use an alternative name. In fact, if you value your privacy you should use a different alternative name for each different purposeā€¦ that way you can immediately identify the source of any breaches of your privacy just by the name they use.

If you use an alternative name, it is obviously best to have back-up documents to match it. Not only for your personal safety, but also for peace of mind and self-confidence when using your alter ego. The same goes for traveling in a foreign country under another name: for want of a better description, a "bullshit ID" can usually prevent difficulties. In most countries you are legally obliged to carry ID documents on your person, but if you are obviously a foreigner and carry an official-looking card with a photo on it, you can bullshit your way out of 99% of potentially difficult situations.

Even if you have a legal second passport, it may not be convincing on its own. After all, who carries just a passport? Most of us carry at least two or three separate forms of ID in our wallets, like driving licence's and credit cards. If you are seeking to back up an alternative ID, you need a few bullshit ID documents. Even just a simple printed business card will reassure many people of your identity.

That is not to say you need to carry forgeries or falsified documents. Foreign banks, police etc will not know what is an official ID and what is not. Only passport designs are documented in manuals, and we are not talking about passports here. Here's why bullshit IDs are totally legal:

  • You cannot forge something that does not exist in the first place (fairly obvious when you think about it) such as a camouflage drivers license.
  • Private authorities such as press agencies or student associations are at liberty to issue ID cards to whomsoever they like.
  • Auto associations in some countries issue valid International Driving Licence's to anyone who signs a declaration that they are entitled to hold one. Nobody can prevent them from doing so.

Note that we have chosen NOT to show samples on the internet. This protects both our sources and our clients who are carrying the cards. Be advised that these id's are NOVELTY items and nothing more and shall not be construed otherwise.

With the low cost of these legal alternative IDs, you really can afford to order a whole collection. We keep no records whatsoever so your secret is safe with us. Remember, if you are ordering more than one document, it is best to supply different photos with different clothing, different hairstyles etc so that they appear to be issued at different times.

Here is the current range of Bullshit IDs from PTClub. If you require others email us clicking here: and we can advise you.

Ordering Procedure
Simply click on the online order form on the top left margin for full details. When we receive your order and payment we will send you any additional application forms which need your signature, together with details of how to send photos where necessary. We accept either scanned photos by email, or regular passport-style photos by post. No ID or any other supporting documents are required, and no records are retained.

International driving permits
These are issued under a 1949 UN convention and are valid in almost every country world-wide provided you are not resident. Also, they are not valid in the country where they are issued as they are intended for foreign travel only. Officially an IDP is a "translation" of your national drivers license (they are issued in 6 different languages) but since they include photos, seals and stamps they are most always accepted as substitute licence's, and are even accepted by many banks world-wide.

Our IDP's are issued directly by an auto association in a Central American country so please allow 4 weeks for airmail delivery.

Like all UN style IDL's, ours are issued with one year validity. Add an additional Eur100 for each subsequent year you wish to have a second IDL sent to you. You will need to print out the application form and email it to us with one passport photos in jpeg format.

  • Cost is Eur 299 plus Eur 65 courier cost
  • Order reference: IDP

Following are the most frequently asked questions: Is this I.D.P. good in country X?

Yes. HOWEVER: if you are an official resident in country X, local jurisdiction will probably demand that you get a local DL. In most countries this will be after 6-12 months' residency.

If you are asking about possible traffic controls, the situation is this:

An IDL is no DL proper but, rather, a TRANSLATION of your national DL. As such, it is *technically* only valid if accompanied by said national DL, but this is not true of every country. E.g. in the UK you may drive on *either*: your national or your International DL.

In practice, however, most traffic cops world-wide don't seem to be aware of this or they can't be bothered - usually, an IDL will be quite enough, as long as you are: a) a non-resident and/or b) a foreigner. If your papers don't show you to be a foreign resident in the country in question, so much the better: you can always say you're a tourist. If you have a staying permit stamped in your documents (usually: your passport), it's a different story.

It's *also* a different story if you employ the IDL as an identification tool e.g. for anonymized banking. Some offshore banks will accept this document and you can even apply for 2nd citizenship with it in some countries!

Do you think its a good idea to use a sort of PEN NAME????

Using a pen name is no problem at all - which is part of the beauty of it!

Understand that when ordering "ANY" of our ID products, you are ordering NOVELTY items and nothing more and shall not be construed otherwise. These are not official id's and we do not warrant them for anything other than novelty items.

International Student Card
This attractive laminated card, with a security hologram, identifies the holder as a student (can be a mature or even a very mature student!) and will therefore save you many times its cost in entrances to cinemas, museums etc and discounts on travel, books, magazine subscriptions, internet service and much more.

The card is supplied blank with a self-seal laminating cover for you to complete yourself.

  • Order reference: Student card
  • Price: just Eur99 plus Eur65 courier cost

Identity Cards
These are simply generic ID cards printed in English, laminated with a security hologram. They are not issued by any particular authority but they look official and are the basic Bullshit ID at the lowest cost.


  • Generic ID Card is Eur 99 plus Eur 65 courier cost
  • "Proof of Age" is Eur 99 plus Eur 65 courier cost

Novelty Cards
We can also offer the following novelty ID cards which can be useful for many circumstances depending on not just who you are, but who or what you want to be. Each is a high quality pouch-laminated ID card, not to be confused with cheaper self-adhesive laminates. For these we require your photos mailed in (one per card).

Anti-Terrorist Army Sniper
Bail Enforcement Agent Black Belt
Body Guard Bounty Hunter
Concealed Weapons Permit Delta Force
Executive Bodyguard Explosives Expert
Identification Card Intelligence Officer
Locksmith Organized Crime Bureau
Ordained Minister Photographer
Pilot Private Detective
Private Investigator Property Pass
Registered Mercenary Scuba Diver
Seal Team Security
Security Consultant Security Enforcement Officer
Special Agent Special Forces
Special Investigator Special Operations
Special Security Officer Special Weapons Permit
State Identification Tax Exempt
Vietnam Veteran Weapons Specialist

Order Reference: when ordering simply let us know in the "observations" area which cards do you wish to obtain.

  • novelty cards:
  • any one cost is Eur 99 plus Eur 65 courier cost
  • any two Eur 175 plus Eur 65 courier cost
  • any four Eur 300 plus Eur 65 courier cost

Premium Press Cards
"A Press Card forgives a multitude of sins" says one of our clients. It may get you the best seats, often for free, at restaurants, sporting and social events, and you will usually be traded up to first class on flights. Many countries offer special deals for foreign journalists (Germany, for example, offers half price rail travel to foreign journalists). At the other end of the scale, a Press Card really could save your life - in war zones or times of civil unrest, authorities still respect foreign journalists because they fear negative publicity. The conflict in Yugoslavia is a perfect example.

Many Press Cards offered on the internet are issued by dubious press agencies that nobody recognises. In contrast, PTClub's is EXCLUSIVE:

    As an alternative to the "official" documents, we can offer you an Asian PRESS ID. This card is the same as offered on many other sites at a fraction of the cost. However, it does come with a verifiable contact number which makes it an attractive novelty item. It can be just as effective in many circumstances and you do get the advantage of the freebies. Cost is Eur99 plus Eur 65 courier cost. These Press cards are NOVELTY items and nothing more and shall not be construed otherwise.

Travel Agent ID Card
Identify yourself as a travel agent at hotel chains, airlines and car rental offices for VIP treatment. You can expect upgrades and heavy discounts. This is an impressive laminated document which identifies you as a bona fide travel agent.

There are many other packages around which include tapes, books, access to website's etc for hundreds of dollars - none of which you need, unless you actually want to make a living booking other people's travel. These deals do not put you on the IATA list either.

So why not go for PTClub's straight, simple and good value deal of one travel agent ID card?

(Note that this does not identify you as an agent on the IATAN list. However, for most purposes, especially outside the USA or at smaller hotels, this card will do the trick.)

Registered Drivers License Programme's
A driving licence is one of the best ways to prove your ID, and as such is widely accepted world-wide, even for some banks throughout the world. Thus, you may want to have an alternative licence for many reasons, perhaps the most obvious one is a security measure just in case they pull out your first one!