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Financial Services

Mediterranean Bank Account for Financial Privacy in an Unfree World.

Here's an excellent bank account offering our long time and trusted associate recently arranged just for our clients only. We've been authorized to open either a company bank account and or personal account with this Mediterranean Bank. Included is an ATM card, Internet banking with your account in pound sterling, Euro, Australian dollars, or US dollars. As usual we have conducted our TEST drive and can give two big thumbs up for these bank account offerings with excellent banking service in English.

This Mediterranean Bank offers a unique opportunity in the offshore world today. This bank does not report to the European Union and has a number of key advantages over other offshore locales which, when combined, provide clients with one of the better confidential and secure offshore solution offered anywhere.

Most importantly, there are NO (ZERO) taxes of any kind for offshore activities. This is NOT a tax haven ... however there are zero taxes for non resident accounts. You can even walk into the bank to make deposits and withdrawals.

Services included with your fee of just Eur 1,250:

1. Personal or company bank account opening in one of the top rated banks with I-banking, Platinum MasterCard and Phone Banking
2. Fast Track (one business day processing - not including holidays.)

Documents required:

1. Filled out application (see below.)
2. Copy of your Passport, a recent utility bill and your CV/Resume..
3. Bank reference letter

Application emailed to you immediately upon credit of your payment!

Fee Structure

* Company Bank Account - Eur 1,250 (you must have current certificate in good standing, and apostilled copies.)
* Personal bank account - Eur 1,250
* Add Eur 1,250 if you require a Seychelles or nevis company in your chosen name. (Select three [3] names in order of preference and one should be available for creation.)

Order from our secure web site order form here to pay by bank wire, Liberty Reserve or e-bullion.

Your order code is "Mediterranean Special."

To order your, just click here at our secure online ordering site NOW!