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Credit Card Merchant Account

"Your customers can pay you credit cards, whilst you rake in tax-free income 24 hours per day".

Setting up shop on the internet is the perfect Portable Trade - you can sell information, services, entertainment or physical products for drop-shipping. All you need is a laptop and a phone connection and you are FREE TO PT as your profits accrue in an offshore account!

However, despite the proliferation of "guaranteed merchant services" on the net, you will find they all require some form of ID, Social Security Number or onshore presence.

At ptClub we can set up merchant facilities enabling you to accept Visa, Credit Card, American Express, Diners Club and others in total anonymity if required. Read on for details…

YES We Accept Credit Cards! Those few words can add thousands per month in profits to your business!

PTClub offers an *TWO* exciting new merchant facilities to meet your requirements starting from just Eur 500. Once your credit card merchant source approves you, usually in just a few days, they will invoice you for approximately US$650, which you remit direct to them, for one time set up fees and first year service.You

Setting up an offshore corporation is all very well - but what if a mere symbolic coat hanger joint in a tax shelter jurisdiction isn't enough? What if you want to actually make money offshore? After all, not everyone is able and willing to live off saved taxes and assets' interest alone. Unbelievable, but some Privacy seekers still have to work for a living - preferably in a PT tax-free Dorado!

As with every business, you will also want a corporate infrastructure and some usable logistical tools to go with it. Here's what we recommend and that you get:

  • a bona fide tax-free offshore bearer share corporation in your chosen name
  • a corporate bank account with internet banking, an ATM card
  • a functional mail & fax forwarding service
  • One of several reliable offshore merchant providers, (essential for mail order business)

    Offshore Merchant Program 1:


    The first step is to apply for the Merchant status. This can be made by writing us a free format e-mail stating the name of the applicant and the contact e-mail. Contact Us.

  • Bank serves Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions; currently, bank serves only corporate customers, so you have to have a current up to date company.

    Procedures and fees
    The below information is for medium to difficult web sites. This is the same merchant provider who processes our credit cards charges!

    Fees and Rates ranges by industry, merchant, and history of the account:

    Rolling Reserve = 2-10% Rolling Reserve
    Discount Rate = 2% – 5% (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
    Set-up Fee = US$650 (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
    Yearly Fee = Included with the SetUp fee above.
    Transaction Fee = $0.50 - $1.50 (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
    No volume caps (min or max)

    Any merchant accounts will need to fill out:

    Merchant Application (If you can't answer a question, please leave it blank)
    Photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, etc)
    Merchant History (No history please inform us, new business)

    Our merchant group can process any merchant accounts, it will be easier to tell you what we can't take:

    Child Porn
    Animal Porn
    Hardcore Porn
    We code all Gaming sites.

    FYI - We will not be the third party. You will have contact with the bank. That should be a plus!

  • Our introduction fee is Eur 500.

    • Add Eur 3750 for your own offshore company in your chosen name and a Hong Kong bank account. Note: it is the bank requirement that al merchants must have a company and bank account for this merchant account, otherwise bank will refuse service.
    • For a functional mail & fax forwarding service: Add Eur 550 including Eur 50 postage forwarding deposit, first year and one time set up fees.
    • Add Eur 2,500 for a one time use of a banking passport to meet sources id requirements.
    • Add Eur 1,000 for a utility bill to meet sources requirements.

    To get started order now from our secure online order form and pay by bank wire, MoneyGram, Western Union or payment via Liberty Reserve.

    To order and pay by credit card click here and be sure to ADD a 5% credit card surcharge for your order.
  • Offshore Merchant Program 2:

    Have you been turned down, canceled or need a merchant account for your "High Risk internet business? PTClub represents a major merchant service provider that is seeking clients and customers who may have declined or canceled or "declined merchants or referrals of merchants that cannot be placed, or get approved for a merchant account.

    If you are or have declined merchants or know of any that you can refer to us, do to (bad credit, high risk) business that can't be placed. "We can place them"!

    We represent 8 different banks, 2 bad credit, 2 high risk, and 4 domestic that I can place your declined merchants / referrals. We accept both non US based and US based internet businesses including pharmacy products for sale on-line.

    Just contact us with your particulars and we'll sort you.There's absolutely no obligation for asking regarding this service.


    Basic setup:
    Integration Procedure:

    Below is the method for you to integrate your site with our gateway:

    Hosted Sales Page:

    The hosted sales page is a branded payment page which source operates. The customer can be sent here from a payment link on your site and they can fill in all the details of their payment here and submit. Once the transaction is processed they will be directed back to your page through the Success_out and Failure_out URLs which you can set under Website Management.

    The hosted sales page can also be pre-populated with as little or as much of the user’s information as you like; you can collect all the user's information on your own site and pass it to our page so all they need to do is press submit, or you can send the bare minimum which is your merchantID, productID and the Amount of the transaction.

    Once you've done this, you now have access to our source's world leading gateway software which is a safe, secure and user friendly system already integrated with their solid banking institutions.

    Please take time to familiarize yourself with their software and reporting features.

    TO RE-CAP on some of the features::

    · Maximize your profitability through sophisticated fraud control tools which prevent charge backs and detect credit card fraud.
    · Multi-currency processing flexibility with US, GBP, EURO, CND and others.
    · Highly professional risk management experts.
    · Comprehensive, customized transaction reports.
    · Real-time access to online reports.
    · Real-time access to wire reports so you can track your weekly payment.
    · 24-hour support for all merchant needs.

    Q: Which credit card companies are supported?

    Q: How do I have clients' credit card data checked and how do I get a clearance number or card verification?
    A: Forward credit card data to the bank direct via your web site and receive clearance from them and have your merchant account credited, that's all.

    Q: Isn't this procedure a bit cumbersome for online credit card orders?
    A: While you may accept online credit card orders on the Internet. It couldn't be faster or easier than that!

    Q: Is there any blocking necessary on the merchant account to operate(they practice this in some banks)?
    A: Maybe, this bank might typically insist on partial blockage for about 1-2 months. However, funds will be released at a certain rate per month during this span. This is the initial format - later, once a satisfactory business relationship has developed, new terms may be negotiated.

    Q: Would I then be able to use this setup to pay directly into my own debit card account?
    A: Yes, client would be debited, your account credited automatically.

    Q: What currency would I have to charge my clients in?
    A: Normally, charges will be converted to local currency, as those are the cc companies' international regulations. (In some countries this has to do with local currency restrictions as well, though not in this case.) However, when verifying cc order data, you may quote in US$, Eur, GBO, A$, CDN, etc. and the bank will convert automatically for you. If you keep your currency account in US$, you will, of course, be credited in dollars, as well as with other currencies.

    Q: What do your fees cover exactly?
    A: The Eur 750 is our introduction fee to our merchant source. This is the very same merchant source we use for our credit card charges, so we are placing our money where our mouth is at! In addition to our fee, once your merchant status is setup, all that remains is for you to remit a USD 300 for the visa merchant status direct to source. Source will give this information once you are accepted.

    Q: I presume I could I be issued with a debit card on that account?
    A: Yes this is possible. However with that said we would recommend that you obtain an offshore bank account, preferably a Panama bearer share company and company bank account for your maximum privacy befits.

    Q: Can I use my debit card to pay for online orders as well?
    A: If by "online orders" you mean setups featuring instant cc verification or approval, the answer is: unfortunately not as it is a atm or debit card. if you require a credit card, let us know and we can arrange one for you at a discount cost if ordered at the same time you order this merchant account.

    Q: Can't I get a regular credit card instead?
    A: Yes of course. See above.

    Q: Is it possible to use an existing trust domiciled in another country (e.g. Japan?) in lieu of the Panama Corp?
    A: Sure, no problem. It won't get cheaper that way, because it's different documents that will have to be translated, notarised & legalized locally (i.e. not the usual standard fare), incurring greater overhead; but yes, existing corps and trusts can easily be employed. See our Offshore Merchant Program #3 above for the details. Please bear in mind that the issuing bank will need the ORIGINAL company or trust papers, as they cannot be notarised otherwise. Also, possible tax issues should be taken into consideration. A Panama Corp operating outside the USA with a European cc merchant setup & bank account, but operating outside the CC merchant bank's country as well, will not be subject to taxation in either Panama or the at site. This may or may not be the case with your Nippon trust in Japan proper. So if your Japanese trust structure offers the same advantages, go ahead. If not, you can always opt for the standard solution, as described in our program info.

    Q: How about cc fraud issues? Who will pick up the tab?
    A: The upshot of the matter is that the fraud risk will be the vendor's, not the bank's, not the cc Corp's. But then again, this is standard procedure internationally. Granted that this is not a very fair setup, but unfortunately it's a tight situation for any applicant anywhere in the world these days, and viable offshore venues are almost impossible to find or - if at all - unaffordable and not lucrative by any standard.

    Q: What is their notification procedure on a charge back?
    A: CC Corp notifies bank, bank notifies vendor. Generally, there's no way around it: in the end, the risk IS yours. But that's the same story practically everywhere in the world: insurance and security hype aside, what it boils down to is that you will have to arrange yourself with the cc Corp and/or the bank in some way or another. It is always advisable to let your customers send you a credit card authorization SIGNED IN WRITING - that will grant you considerable leeway in case of charge backs or fraud issues.

To get started order now from our secure online order form and pay by bank wire, MoneyGram, Western Union or payment via BitCoins.