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Prestigious Consultants

We've designed this very special service for those prestigious consultants who already know that there is always plenty of room on the top and deserve it!. This is the perfect way to cater with your top clients, for a price that is virtually gratis when you compare it with that of a conventional offshore IBC.

The English Aristocrat's Company.
This is not just a standard English company, but one which has some interesting and prestigious add-ons! With this package you can achieve:

  • Prestige recognition suitable for high-profile consulting companies.
  • Open closed social and business doors.
  • Your name appears nowhere on record.

Setting up a representative office of the company in your home country is easy - just imagine the brass plate outside your office. You will be able to play heavily on a British aristocratic image, whilst at the same time very politely informing local bureaucrats that you are only the local representative... if they have any questions they should contact LORD XXXXX in England.

The package includes:

  • English Limited Company formed with your own choice of name.
  • Prestige Country House as the registered office and maildrop (forwarding charged extra at cost).
  • Lord resident at the country house as nominee director.
  • Provision of a corporate company secretary.
  • Document certifying that the LORD is director with official government seal.
  • General power of attorney to you, to operate bank accounts etc.
  • Total cost of package: USD 1500 first year, USD 1000 thereafter.

Optional extras you might wish to include (costs dependent on your exact requirements).

  • UK VAT number.
  • UK or offshore bank account.
  • Gold credit card or American Express card.
  • UK maildrop.
  • Corporate Car registration on UK plates.
  • Chain maildrop forwarding for added privacy and security.

The LORD is also prepared to perform certain additional services such as signing documents or operating bank accounts by negotiation.

Order reference: Noble Company

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