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Offshore Companies - Introduction

Asset Protection and Offshore Companies in Tax Havens
When thinking in asset protection and tax shelter, offshore companies and trusts are among the best ways of protecting wealth. Through our network of associates, located throughout the offshore world, ptclub can offer a very cost-effective yet efficient company formation service.

Our services are designed for the entrepreneurs to operate their business and/or personal financial matters in complete confidentiality. The entrepreneur will be so able to run the business in a complete privacy while residing in the country of their choice. We can arrange for all the necessary administration services, banking, etc. Set-up and operating fees vary with the types and complexity of the entities. After discussing your goals and requirements, we'll make the necessary recommendations.

Although we can supply companies incorporated in all major offshore jurisdictions of the world, we only show details of the most popular jurisdictions in this publication. If you have requirements for a company to be incorporated in a particular jurisdiction not covered here please ask for details.

Our best selling Panama bearer share company is world renown for anonymity. See Bearer Share Company for more details.

Whilst we can assist in opening bank accounts in various offshore locations it should be borne in mind that all banks will require bank references on each signatory. The timescale for opening accounts may be anything from 10 days to many weeks and is often delayed by banks failing to respond to reference enquiries.

See Tax Free Bank Accounts for more particulars.

Other Services

  • Company formations in all major offshore jurisdictions.
  • Registered office and registered agent services (where appropriate) in each jurisdiction.
  • Full nominee services (directors/secretary/shareholders) ensuring total anonymity.
  • Bank introductions.
  • Correspondence facilities.
  • Legalisation/Apostille of company documents.
  • Formation of offshore Trusts.
  • Yacht registrations.

We are happy to discuss any individual requirements our clients may have and are prepared to tailor our service to suit in most cases. Please email us to discuss any requirements you may have which are not covered in this introduction.