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Financial Services

Financial Privacy Services in an Unfree World.

This information is designed to advise you on legal low-profile banking opportunities world wide!

In modern world it is increasingly necessary to legally protect ones assets from the possibility of losses incurred from lawsuits, liens, divorce, settlements, levies and excessive taxation. Many bureaucrats can confiscate your property or assets for hundreds of alleged "crimes". These "crimes" are written on thousands of pages of obscure and impossible to understand laws and regulations. They are bureaucrat dreams, but your nightmares. Offshore Debit Cards, Private Accounts and Offshore companies give you a way of fighting back.

Honest people has the right to defend themselves from these predators. Many people develop interest in "Offshore" that means few different things.

PTClub recommends Tax Free bank accounts with easy to use Internet banking, ATM and Credit Cards, all with banking codes to secure your on-line transactions.

Click here for full particulars and our entire list of banking options for your perusal!

First thing is Offshore bank account with corresponding confidential debit/credit card. That is where you open an account on your name and put the money in a bank in a country other than native. You must use a country that does not have tax and information exchange agreements with other countries, and has no personal or corporate income, capital gains, withholding, business, capital, gift or sales taxes for non-residents and foreigners. It is also important to use a country with potential and economic stability where bank confidentiality laws are strictly upheld.

Second thing is Offshore company. That is where you form a company in offshore jurisdictions for doing business and where bank account is open on a name other than your own. Corresponding cards are issued on your name as the director, president or other employee without any liability. Sometimes the owners can be protected by offshore trusts. The main advantage of setting up such structures is that you are guaranteed absolute confidentiality and privacy with minimal taxes.

We have great suggestions for tax relief. Offshore bank accounts in tax havens do the trick. We offer financial services and consulting, offshore company incorporations, bank and credit cards, and freedom and privacy enhancement in general. We have too very good contacts with immigration officers and consultants that can open unexpected venues to you!

We believe we have the best guide on asset protection and tax relief. No hype, just cold facts!. Any additional doubt or request you may have will be answered by email. Of course, we can provide many more available services than those described here.