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Tax Free Offshore Investments Package

Now there is a way to invest on the stock market free of tax! Trade anonymously on line on almost any market you choose. Profits accumulate in your own offshore company's bank account free of tax.

Why leave your money locked up in a bank account when it could be working so much harder for you?

Trade securities online or by phone from an offshore haven, through the anonymity and asset protection offered by a Panama Foundation.

PTClub offers TWO (2) brokerage bank accounts with Forex and other on-line trading facilities.

1. Swiss brokerage account for just Eur500. Minimum opening deposit is US$5,000 or equivalent. Notarized passport copy requires. Includes banking with a AA rated Swiss bank.

2. Caribbean Brokerage account just Euro 1,500. Minimum opening deposit is US$5,000. Passport copy required.

The above brokerage/bank accounts are for the accounts only, not for the structures. see below for structures.

A Panama Private Interest Foundation is based on an exact copy of the Anstalt law of the Principality of Liechtenstein, which has been utilised by wealthy European families for asset protection and estate planning for well over a century. Panama is the only other jurisdiction in the world with comparable legislation. We (and also many Liechtenstein bankers speaking off the record) highly recommend Panama since you get an exact clone of a Liechtenstein foundation for a fraction of the price!

Meanwhile the securities trading account is based at a European-owned, service-oriented bank in the Caribbean, offering both efficiency and privacy, with access to both US and emerging markets.

Features of the Panama Foundation:

  • Incorporation in your own choice of name (takes around 3 weeks)
  • Certification of registry
  • Nominee supervisory board
  • Blank power of attorney to fill in the name of your chosen manager
  • All documents apostilled for use overseas
  • Full certified English legal translation of statutes
  • Beneficial certificate endorsed to bearer
  • Signed undated letters of resignation from management
  • Registered Office Address and Registered Agent Features of the Brokerage Account:
  • Full online banking facilities: opening deposit of $5000 required
  • Stable European-owned bank with multiple offices in Caribbean
  • Excellent technological infrastructure
  • Trade online at NASDAQ and NYSE
  • Trade online also on exchanges in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Russia Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Israel, Turkey, South Africa and others
  • Online Forex trading
  • Telephone trading and personal banking also available
  • Credit Cards available
  • Account secrecy protected by local banking laws
  • No information exchange treaties or tax reporting.
  • This account is highly recommended for the professional trader looking for a cost-effective offshore solution. At just Eur1000, this superb package deal can't be beaten. The brokerage account is also available for your existing offshore company at a fee of Eur500

Ordering procedure:

  1. Place your order and select a name for your Foundation (the word "Foundation" must be part of the name)
  2. After incorporation we will send you all foundation documents plus account opening forms ready for you to sign.
  3. Send documents direct to bank with opening deposit.
  4. Bank contacts you to confirm account opening and operating instructions.
  5. Order code: Trade

If you have any additional question feel free to ask our consultants.