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Offshore No Name No ID Debit Card + Virtual Any Name Credit Cards

Anonymous NO NAME NO ID Debit Card

We've done it again and are proud to present this no name Anonymous Pre Paid ATM Card with hologram accepted anywhere ATM Cards are accepted worldwide, on-line purchasing, stores, ATM's, telephone and mail orders etc.

This No Name NO ID Debit Card does not bear any personal details about its holder on the card or when used from a ATM till or elsewhere.

The card itself has no name printed, embossed or encoded on it, so it cannot be associated with any specific person. Clients will have direct access to real time card balance both on-line and by telephone access.

Your no name no id card can be funded by USD wire transfer. Note that this card is designated for electronic use only so it cannot be used in manual imprinters.

This card offers you the ability to withdraw up to US$10,000 per day and up to US$70,000 per month. There is a daily load limit of US$2,500. In other words after 4 loads of US$2,500 each or $10,000, you can withdraw
the entire US$10,000 in one go at any hole in the wall worldwide in total anonymity.

* ATM Withdrawal Fee 3 USD
* ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History 0.5 USD
* ATM Transaction Decline 0.5 USD
* Online & POS Transaction fee 1 USD
* Online & POS Decline fee 0.5 USD
* Monthly Administrative fee 3.5 USD
* Card Load Fee 15 USD
* Card to Card Transfer 2 USD
* Card Replacement Fee (if lost/stole or damaged) 25 USD
* Inactive Fee (90 days) 10 USD
* The maximum reload amount 2.500 USD
* Maximum per prepaid card a month 10.000 USD
* The minimum total to obtain from ATM 10 USD
* Minimum balance 10 USD

Cost for the NO name - NO ID ATM card is Euro 1,350 per card. Only one card per customer.


  1. Click on the Order now link at the top of this page and remit the application fee (Euro 997.50).
  2. Enter the reference order: NO NAME NO ID Card.
  3. On receipt of your order we will send you the application forms to sign. You must then return to us via email with:
    • A name, street address and contact telephone number for delivery

Virtual Offshore Any Name No ID Virtual Credit Card
This is intended for people who want the convenience of a credit card, but need to use it for internet shopping such as subscriptions, site memberships etc. It can also be used for mail, telephone and fax transactions; for purchases and registration at PayPal, eBay, MoneyBookers, etc. It is ideal for people doing business on the internet where there is little personal contact only.

Simply provide us with any name, street address and contact details you wish for your Virtual Credit Card and you will receive a valid credit card number, a 3 digit CV2 code and expiry date which you can use to charge goods and services online including PayPal, Amazon, MoneyBookers, etc..

Online Virtual Credit Card for web shopping at PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Google, Adwords, US website's, Yahoo, Godaddy, MoneyBookers and everywhere over the internet and phone. Really good for our non US residents and people living overseas that need to buy from American companies online. Now its easy to shop at US web sites & internet www merchants with our Virtual Credit Cards!

You will not receive the card itself - as this is a virtual credit card issued in any name, address, city and country and contact you desire. These one time loads are available in amounts of $10 Preloaded Card up to $5000 Preloaded Card. The cost are, naturally, higher than the preloaded amounts.

Card options and Fees: Click here for the Virtual Credit Card fee schedule.


  1. Click on the Order now link at the top of this page and remit the application fee.
  2. Enter the reference order: virtual any name, no ID credit card.
  3. On receipt of your order the card number and expiry date can be made available immediately, and emailed to you.
  4. Any name and NO ID required period.

NOTE: This is a highly innovative banking product, the first of its kind in the world. Think about how many times you actually physically show your credit card when you use it, and how many times you give the number over the phone, fax etc. A virtual credit card should be part of every PT's portfolio. It may not be available for ever so apply today!

Our Unconditional Guarantee: If you follow the procedures detailed above and your card application is rejected for any reason, you will receive a full and immediate refund of the application fees. No questions asked!