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Bulk Check Clearing Account

Clear your dollars and pounds offshore!

Ideal for mail order businesses, bulk check clearing accounts are opened at specialist check processors who will clear offshore at rates far below what most banks chargeā€¦ making it economical to take foreign orders or even move your domestic business offshore. You will need as few as 100 checks per month to benefit from these rates.

We work with two specialist check clearer's - one a bank, and one a foreign exchange house. Best rates are available on checks drawn in USD, GBP, CAD, AUD and NZD, but almost any currency can be handled. Postal money orders are also accepted. Debit cards are available and your cash can be accessible after as little as a week.

Exact rates and terms are not published, but are negotiated depending basically on the volume, frequency, currency and average amount of checks. Therefore for an exact quote, please email us this information together with type of business.

Needless to say, all information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Our introductory and consultancy fee: Eur 2,500