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Aged Offshore Companies.

Privacy, Asset Protection and Tax Shelter.

"Like a good wine, an offshore company can improve with keeping…"

An aged corporation is one which has already been registered a number of years ago without your doing. Typically, shelf companies have not been active during their corporate life. Sometimes they have been sold by their former proprietors after going out of business. Rather than close down the corporation entirely, there are still a few bucks to be made by selling the “shell” either to interested investors or to companies specialising in buying and selling such firms.

The advantage of an aged company is both legal and psychological. Suppose you want to sell your current business to an offshore Panama corporation to become a Previous Taxpayer forever. You will probably want to continue manufacturing or trading, whatever may be your source of income, but by “selling out” to a foreign firm, profits accrued can be legally transferred tax free abroad in most civilized countries.

Now you can bet your ass (as well as your assets) that your friendly local tax agency will be very sorry to lose you as a client of long standing renown. If you set up an offshore corporation in the same year you are selling out to them, this is plain dumb policy as nobody will believe in such a “lucky” coincidence.

Mind you, technically this is not illegal – but it's a question of credibility. And experience has shown that most countries' revenue agencies will assume that you are guilty of illegal tax evasion, thus burdening you with the hassle of having to prove otherwise. Not so, however, with a shelf company which was incorporated, say, 5 or 10 years before your “sell-out”, possibly even before you set up shop in the first place. In this case, your tax agency may still be somewhat reluctant to believe you but it would be very hard for them to construe a case of tax evasion that way.

On the other hand, you might have made a hasty business deal on a handshake without the paperwork to back it up. Now the time for annual filing is coming around, you need to regularize the situation. You therefore need an aged company from only a year or two ago that was around when you made that deal! (In some countries, this could be construed as illegal tax evasion - if you are in doubt, we suggest you seek advice from the competent tax authorities).

Please note, though, that supply of aged companies is strictly limited and opting for a specific vintage corporation will incur a surcharge. Generally the incorporation price is the same, but you will also need to pay the accrued annual fees from the time of incorporation of that company, up to date.

We currently hold aged corporations in stock from the following jurisdictions:

HOT TIP: You could put both together to make up a backdated UK nominee structure.

Please email us with your requirements. Remember to be as specific as possible (what age, what jurisdiction etc) so we can give you a direct answer. If your first choice is not available, we can try to recommend a suitable alternative.