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Second Passports

Newly Revised & Updated - for 2016!

In this report, our intrepid citizenship lawyers guide you through the maze of second passports. They have surfed thousands of websites, flown to hundreds of destinations and met dozens of passport facilitators... so you don't have to. They have talked to clients, lawyers and third parties to do their due diligence. This can be a murky and mysterious world, full of intrigue, scams and even physical danger... and gossip travels very fast so you have to be really careful what you to say to whom.

The result is - as the title suggests - a collection of links and contacts. This report is completely new (unlike other passport reports which are often rehashes of previously published material, edited by wanna-BPTs with no professional experience) It's intended as a series of pointers to start your research and open your eyes to opportunities.

Countries of possible interest from Andorra to Zimbabwe get a paragraph or two each, complete with web links, email addresses and contact names in governments, law firms, local press and offshore law offices...


  • Heed our updated news about a special type of passport fraud going on in the UK and New Zealand and what the governments there are doing to combat it.
  • A special personal warning about a well-known German passport-peddling conman on the internet, from the Romanian businessman who thought he was buying visa free travel and instead bought jail time.
  • Avoid wasting your time on the passport programs which were terminated up to ten years ago but are still being advertised internationally.
  • The truth about the Austrian economic citizenship program: yes there is one, but it has some very special requirements.
  • Why the Grenada passport program has a big disadvantage you may not immediately notice.
  • Belize can't quite make up its mind but diplomatic opportunities exist there too!
  • How it is still possible to open an account on Sark.
  • Estonia and Latvia get set to join the European Union: are there any passport opportunities there?
  • Why Chad has one of the largest diplomatic corps in the world.
  • Passports from other French and Belgian colonies?
  • Why you might well want to protected by Tongan government rather than Uncle Sam!
  • Insider talk on which island in the Indian Ocean may be the next to start a passport program, and who to contact to be one of the first in. Importantly, our researchers are not scared to say where it is not possible to get second passports, despite what you may have heard on the grapevine. So you can avoid wasting time on wild goose chases, and concentrate your efforts on leads which are likely to bear fruit.

This Secret Report follows in our tradition of concise, cutting edge information and looks set to be one of our bestsellers!

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