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Secret Reports - Are you being Conned?


As we all know, people who work for governments are called "public servants". But much of the time they think of themselves as our rulers, not as our servants! The more money they can extract from us, the bigger the bureaucracy becomes.

This works with the unthinking masses because of a myth which is perpetuated by the establishment. That myth is that "you choose your government once every five years beyond that you have no choice". The story is that to change governments you have to leave the country, your business, your friends and your life and move to some ****hole where life just wouldn't be as good. And even then (in the case of the US government) you will still be taxed!

In fact this is not true, and governments know it. The OECD and the European Union have both jumped on the bandwagon of preventing so-called "harmful tax competition". While they attempt the impossible task of reaching agreement, they are all at it!

Nearly every country offers big tax breaks and incentives for foreign investments. Foreign executives are allowed to earn parts of their salaries tax free. Green cards become easy to obtain. No tax is deducted from investment income earned by foreigners. Exchange controls melt away.

Even the states within the USA compete with each other (ever wondered why tiny Delaware has more corporations than any other state?)

All in all, foreigners are treated much better. Once you make that big break and demonstrate that you are really serious about switching governments, they will literally start rolling out red carpets for you. Much like the car dealer you have used for years when you start collecting brochures from his competitors. Don't believe us? Try it!

Best of all, of course, you can easily enjoy all the benefits of being a foreigner without leaving home. The key is to set up a foreign corporation, or change your citizenship, or preferably both. Contrary to popular belief these two actions can be accomplished easily and inexpensively.

SECRET REPORTS will help you on the way. To peruse our books and reports, just click on the links to your left in blue. All reports, along with the passwords to open them, are emailed to you in PDF format as soon as your order and payment is credited.

* * * * * S E C R E T - R E P O R T S * * * * *

$25 Any Secret Report

1. Baltic Banking
2. Caribbean Banking
3. European
4. British Banking
5. Own your own bank
6. PT Prague
7. PT Cuba
8. Noble titles
9. Instant Academic
10 Your own notary
11 Name change
12 Driving licenses
13 2nd Passports
14 Counter intelligence
15 Phone

Just $150 For Any 7 Secret Reports. - Please include the 7 names for your reports in the box -

Just $250 For All 14 Secret Reports (NO refund for our $250 special!)

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