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British Banking & Credit Tactics

The British Isles (United Kingdom, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) have a long and distinguished tradition of offering a safe haven for foreign funds. Unfortunately British bankers have become bound in bureaucracy over the last ten years but there are some opportunities here for non-residents to bank in silence. This report reveals:

  • London Dollar Clearing: one of the few ways you can transfer US currency to a third party without it going through US correspondent banks.
  • "Trading As" : the British way of opening an account in a business name which isn't registered anywhere… also available in the offshore islands if you know whom and how to ask.
  • The bank that's a PT itself: it's chartered in France, part owned by the Spanish, and run from Ireland via a UK maildrop and call forwarding number! It opens non-resident (of where?) accounts and excels at internet banking and customer service.
  • Several perfectly legal ways of sidestepping the annoying and peculiarly British obsession with utility bills as ID when opening bank accounts.
  • Mail order banking is big in the British Isles. But if you want to do it through a maildrop, read this report first for important advice!
  • Is it true that Isle of Man dollar accounts reported to the IRS?
  • How it is still possible to open an account on Sark.
  • A special British government program to help the homeless open bank accounts: it's aimed at eradicating cash transactions, but it might backfire by allowing people to open bank accounts under aliases!
  • Mergers and takeovers are rife amongst banks in the offshore islands. What does it mean for PTs?
  • How a British bank can be forced to write you a positive banker's reference even though you only opened the account yesterday

Plus Two Extra Bonuses

  • Establish a fresh, new UK Credit Record quickly and simply, even if you have never even set foot on England's green and pleasant land… this report used to be sold stand alone and was one of our bestsellers… now it's incorporated FREE into "British Isles Banking Secrets". Plus we added details of a London bank which will almost certainly issue you a credit card straight away if you have a UK address!
  • British maildrops: the first maildrop in the world opened in London in 1925, but we have some dire warnings about the security of UK maildrops… we think it's time to look elsewhere. If you must have one, we tell you the best place to find one that's extremely low profile.

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British Banking

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