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Second Citizenships and Passports by Mail

A second passport is the best protection for your life, your money and your freedom. Most people obtain a second passport for the very simplest of reasons: peace of mind. By acquiring a second passport you become a multinational sovereign individual with unbeatable financial privacy.

Contrary to most people's beliefs, passports aren't their personal property! They belong exclusively to the government that issued them, and as such can be confiscated or invalidated anytime and for whatever reason. You don't need to be a criminal to experience the full brunt of bureaucratic sadism which could easily immobilize you. Even in case of debt (e.g. if your government claims either rightly or not that you owe them some tax money). Some people have actually seen their passports pulled after refusing to pay up for a parking ticket!

If you do not have at least two nationalities, you are the property of one government. And this is definitely not a wise attitude. Instead of reminding you of the dramatic consequences of the lack of papers in areas like the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iran, Rwanda, Iraq or Somalia, we prefer to remind you of the fact that most countries have procedures for issuing passports and second citizenships under certain circumstances. And that all civilised countries recognise dual nationality.

Governments know this but won't publicize it - because they want to keep control and tax their resources. PTClub can introduce you to a consultant who will help you acquire that second passport from virtually any continent. Everybody qualifies somewhere. And anything we introduce to you is 100% legally issued and kosher. We can prove this to you, and are happy to prove it to any lawyers or curious government agents on request and proof of status.

Additional advantages that your second passport will provide you:
Governments being what they are (the biggest cause of human mortality and misery?) have developed a complex range of opportunities to sue or prosecute you under a very wide range of circumstances. You can never rule out that you may be very glad one day to have a second passport, if only to save your skin from some kind of:

  • Public prosecutor.
  • Governmental oppression.
  • Litigious ex-spouse.
  • Political oppression.
  • Fiscal oppression.
  • Civil upheaval.

Travel restrictions and banking tips
A second passport may facilitate travelling to other countries. Try using an Israeli or US passport in some Arab countries. They even make you vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Or check out your possibilities of free travel with an Indian or Pakistani passport (or better still, visiting one with the other's passport!) Or try crossing borders with a Nigerian or Columbian, to take two more random examples.

You will probably face a lot of hassle and discrimination in many countries. However, if you have two or more legal bona fide citizenships, you can always travel, work or set up a business abroad without restrictions. In many countries this may even let you live like a national without the drawbacks (e.g. compulsory military service).

This works both ways, actually, in spite of what your local government may want you to believe. While you may experience a lot of advantages with an American passport in the UK or Germany, you might be a whole lot better off on a Brit. passport in the States or a German passport in Egypt.

Contrast the above examples with, say, a child born in Canada of Irish descent. He or she can travel the world with few enemies, and has an automatic right to travel, live and work throughout the NAFTA or European Union areas without bureaucratic hassles.

A second (or even a third or fourth) passport can offer a lot of other advantages, too. It helps anonymize your activities in situations where government or civil snoops are after your ass and assets. Specially in these days where everybody seems to believe they are entitled to know everyone else's personal and financial data. This small piece of paper will make you free to travel, to work, to live or to do business outside your country's borders.

And, if used correctly, a second passport may help you save taxes acquiring duty-free goods, like cars or business equipment. Finally, a banking passport will help you in keeping and transferring funds when involved in international banking matters.

How to get a second passport
There are basically two options. You can either do it yourself or consult with a reputable agent. In the first case you will want to start digging through the piles of pertinent literature, like the excellent Charles Freeman's book: How to legally obtain a 2nd passport. You can purchase this excellent report from PTClub for only Eur 10 delivery in the USA, or Eur 35 delivery anywhere else in the world. Click here to order and place "Dr. Freeman's PP Report" as the ordering code.

The above is feasible but will involve a lot of hard work in researching several countries' different procedures and processing regulations, many of which tend to change at very short notice or even overnight. And who knows? perhaps you'll be one of our future consultants!

See Passport by investment and residency programs if you are willing to make a one off investment for an instant passport program from our long time and reliable sources.

Be warned that passport and national immigration programs come and go. And beware of forgeries or stolen documents: they can cause you a lot of harm if you don't have the expertise and fall into the hands of corrupt agents or government officials.

ALL documents offered by us are absolutely genuine: no forgeries, no stolen or lost papers! All passports that we help in acquiring are legally issued and fully registered in the immigration computers of the country issuing the document. The latter part is most important just in case some authorities should ever question the authenticity of your documents.

Actually, ptclub is not "selling" these passports in the sense that we issue them, fill in existing blanks or print them ourselves! What we do instead is to mediate between clients who are interested in obtaining a legal & official 2nd citizenship/passport and those agents & advisors who are capable and willing to help them obtain it.

For most programs, we are bound by contract not to divulge the pertinent country's name before having received bona fides in the form of proof of funds or up front payment (all payments are held in escrow by reputable agents, less reasonable legal costs which must be advanced.)

To preserve the integrity of these programs we cannot reveal further information except by means of consultation. An advance fee of Eur 1,000 is payable, which is applied towards purchase should you wish to proceed. All funds (excluding our referral fee,) are fully refundable if we cannot offer you anything suitable, or if you decide to go ahead and our sources can not procure the documents for you.

We adhere strictly to our contractual duties and will allow for no exceptions. So please don't request us to reveal names of states before complying with our conditions stated above such questions will go unanswered.

We do not have fixed programs such as "Country A" or "Country Z" and we advise you to be wary of website's offering such programs. They are selling passports like commodities without taking a professional interest in your personal situation or carrying out due diligence. It may well be that one of these programs is genuine and suitable, and we will most likely be able to offer it to you cheaper if it appears suitable. At ptclub we know about all of these programs, the good and the bad, but we are in business for the long term - many others in this business simply speculatively raise prices as high as possible in the hope of snaring some hapless punter.

We have seen European Union and diplomatic passports advertised on the net for as little as US$10,000 and there about. Such offers are "too good to be true" and is in fact, too be too good to be true. Be warned. You will see your money grown wings and disappear. Such passport offers are rip offs and frauds so don't fall for them.

You should expect to pay Eur 50,000 and up (excluding banking passports,) for a decent legit passport and nationality. If you are interested in a genuine travel document, fully registered and renewable for life from a Central American nation, this can be ordered online from PTClub.

In addition to 2nd nationalities & passports we can sometimes procure Honorary Consul appointments for some African states, fees generally ranging around Eur 1100,000 to Eur 150,000 and occasionally a little less. This entitles you a diplomatic passport and various other privileges. If you are interested we recommend you read the report Become a Diplomat which can be ordered online from PTClub.

You will find that our fees are the fairest in the business. If another firm can offer you the same deal cheaper we can usually match it. So stick with the solution you can be confident of ISG. Please remember one thing, though: a second passport will only do the trick if you get it well in time. No point in applying for one when it's too late. Sometimes they're extremely hard or even impossible to procure, not for all the money in the world. After all, the market's a pretty tricky and rapidly changing place. So, don't procrastinate.

If it's available legally, our consultants know about it.

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