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Passports and Residence Programs

Looking for a second passport and a TAX-FREE residence? Now you can "kill two birds with one stone". With PTClub's passport and residence programs you can achieve your privacy and financial goals!

Passports from - Mexico, Paraguay, Slovenia (EU), Venezuela, Commonwealth of Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and Cyprus (EU).

"A second passport could save your life!"
- Dr. Walter Belford, second citizenship expert

Following is our updated overview of our alternative citizenship and second passport programs, with current pricing and government processing periods.

Starting with Venezuela, we offer a panoply of nationality, residence and passport programs for your perusal. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here.



Clearly our easiest and BEST nationality and passport program. A visit to the country is required!

We are very excited about this new program and process, as it leaves absolutely no doubt in the mind of the applicant of the documents authenticity.

This is an excellent program and one of the best we've had the pleasure of offering clients over the 18 years we've been on the www.

Here is the information and process:

The Venezuelan program is processed under one of the country's "Bolivarian Missions" (Misión Identidad)_, which are a series of anti-poverty and social welfare programs that also encourage economic
immigration to Venezuela. It is based on naturalization.

Besides the PP you will get a certificate of naturalization, a cedula (the state ID card) You get a letter from Juan Carlos Dugarte, the present head of the following department, the Service Administration of Identification, migration and aliens (SAIME) welcoming you as a new citizen, you get a document from the SIAME (department of immigration) called the certification of your data which verifies that all you data is correct and in the data bases for you cedula, your state ID, so you were entitled to the PP, an Apostille from the foreign office declaring all your docs are in order with all the stamps and seals and signatures, and last but not least a Ven. drivers license.

Venezuelan passports are issued to citizens of Venezuela to travel outside the country. Biometric passports have been issued since July 2007, with a RFID chip containing a picture and fingerprints; passports issued earlier remain valid until they expire.

As of 2014 passports were 34 pages long and displayed a biometric symbol on the bottom of the cover. The cover shows the name "República Bolivariana de Venezuela" on the top. The holder's personal information is written in a digital format on a plastic card which also bears a machine-readable zone on the bottom, and
a picture of the holder on the left.

As Venezuela has become a full member of Mercosur, the passport format will be changed to follow the Mercosur model, with a deep blue cover marked Mercosur on the top.

The Venezuelan passport is valid for ten years and is renewable thereafter at any Venezuelan embassy/consulate worldwide.

Venezuelan citizens had visa free or visa on arrival access to 131 countries and territories, ranking the Venezuelan passport 25th in the world.

See the list of visa free countries that a Venezuelan passport HERE..

This is the best passport programme we've seen with ALL the documentation signed sealed and delivered. You are really a citizen of Venezuela and can move in and/or travel tomorrow.

The cost is Euro 50,000 per adult applicant, Euro 55,000 for the spouse and just Euro 40,000 per child under 18, plus PTClub's referral fee. PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 5,000. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 10,000.

Click HERE to download in zip file format, information about our Venezuelan program.


Mexico is a popular passport and nationality program. A USD 1million investment is required for you're being considered for Mexico citizenship and a passport.

We arrange a meeting with the Mexican SRE (Foreign Affairs) has streamlined some of its naturalization processing.

This new Mexico offering is directly from the SRE (Foreign Affairs) as they see the huge potential and are trying to "feather their nests" before retirement.

And, yes, it works...FAST, i.e. less than 1-month usually...worst-case 6-weeks...

We will also guarantee a tourist visa to visit Mexico to get your new citizenship documents in person and new passport...

Our Mexican citizenship program is brokered directly through PTClub's own immigration lawyer in Mexico City (in addition to our legal team in Acapulco where our main office has been located since 2008) and is processed through the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE). The entire Mexican citizenship program can be completed in just three months and requires only one brief visit to Mexico City to sign your naturalization papers in person and to receive your new Mexican passport.

The cost is just $90,000 per adult applicant, $45,000 for a spouse, and just $35,000 per child under 18. We still bill the process with three invoices of 50% (document verification + apostilles/embassy legalizing), 25% (to confirm the client's requested dates for the visit) and 25% with the final 25% due upon completion (issuance of Mexican citizenship). Our fee (deducted from the cost) is USD20,000 for arranging a meeting with the government officials at SRE. If they accept you as a candidate then the balance of US$70,000 is required to proceed with the process.

Mexico permits dual citizenship.

Following the approximate 4-month process, with one visit in the beginning of the 4-month process (5 business days in length), and a 2nd visit at the end of the 4-month process (2-3 business days in length), clients depart Mexico with their naturalization certificates and Mexican passports in hand (and a voter ID card if requested as voter ID cards are used as "national ID" cards in Mexico and not separate "national ID cards" like most countries have).

Required documents for Mexico are the same:

1) Notarized passport copy*
2) Birth certificate*
3) Marriage certificate if applicable*
4) Last 3-months of bank statements for the main applicant
(no minimum balance as it's only for identification purposes)*

*All require either an apostille or embassy legalizing depending on country of origin. Our document processors complete the necessary attestations for clients.

The current price for Mexican citizenship is $90,000 for the main applicant, $45,000 for a spouse, and just $35,000 per child under 18. Children 18 and older are considered adults and must apply individually.

PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is US$ 10,000 for a single applicant or for a family of two or more, it is US$ 17,500. More information on our Mexican program can be located HERE


Our Paraguay programs are very popular, while also being affordable and very efficient ways of obtaining citizenship. We have our standard program which can be completed in four years, from start to finish, and requires three visits to Paraguay throughout the process. The total cost of this program is $45,000 per adult applicant, with payments of 1/3 each due at three different junctures of the 4-year process.

Please note that unfortunately much of our client base from most of Asia and the Middle East, probably won't be approved for Paraguayan tourist visas as the residency process requires a 3-day visit to Asuncion.

Western clients have no problems during the Paraguayan permanent residency process, though, as they all arrive on a visa on arrival (American, Canadians, Brits, etc.,) or they can easily get a tourist visa at their nearest Paraguayan embassy as "western" travelers are almost never denied Paraguayan visas, to include Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans, Taiwanese (but not mainland Chinese) etc.

Mexican residency is much, much easier for "eastern" clients (Middle East, Indian, Chinese, etc) as Mexican embassies and consulates welcome virtually all immigrants provided they meet the financial solvency requirements which is an average monthly income of approximately $2,500/mo. for the past 6 months consecutive.

Paraguay does not permit naturalization for those under 18 without a native born parent. No exceptions.

PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 5,000. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 10,000.

Payments for the program are structured with 1/3 down to start the process, 1/3 due upon the issuance of your permanent residency documents and cedula (to confirm the 2nd visit) and the final 1/3 being due just prior to the issuance of your citizenship documents and passport (final visit).

Unfortunately, children under the age of 18 are not eligible for Paraguayan citizenship.

Please note there is a $5,000 proof of financial solvency requirement for all applicants pursuing Paraguayan citizenship.

Paraguay (quoted for a national that is on the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs restricted list, to include Lebanese, unfortunately).

The Paraguayan MOFA has all nationals from Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and China (mainland only, not Hong Kong nor Macau) on its"restricted list".

And, yes, nationals on the restricted list have higher due diligence costs. For example, a Pakistani national would incur $40,000 in total program costs for the 1-year expedited process (requiring 3 visits to Asuncion) while an American national or a Brazilian national, etc. would incur only $30,000
in total costs for the same process.

Hungary (EU)


Slovenia (EU)

Our expedited Slovenian citizenship program is currently the most cost-effective way to obtain citizenship from the European Union (EU) and an invaluable European passport. The entire citizenship process can be completed in less than four months and requires only one brief visit to the capital of Ljubljana to receive your naturalization papers and Slovenian passport(s) in person. The total program cost is just US$250,000 for the main applicant, US$50,000 for a spouse, US$50,000 for each child under the age of 16, and US$100,000 for each child aged 16 and above plus PTClub's referral fee. PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 5,000. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 10,000.

Commonwealth of Dominica

Our program in the Commonwealth of Dominica can be completed in three months with our lead agent on the island who is the most efficient and professional in the business. Only one visit to Dominica is required, and this can be bypassed if necessary, with additional costs incurred for travel of Dominican representatives to meet with you for your interview. The total cost of this program has increased as of the end of August 2012 to approximately $132,000 for a single applicant, $210,000 for couples, $235,000 for a family of four, $287,000 for a family of five, plus PTClub's referral fee of Eur 5,000. In addition there are due diligence fees which are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 5,000. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 10,000.

Antigua and Barbuda

PTClub can now also broker citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda through the country's brand new "Citizenship by Investment Unit" (CIU) which opened its doors on August, 26, 2013.

The economic citizenship program was modeled after the programs in Saint Kitts/Nevis so its price structure is virtually identical to Saint Kitts, i.e. required real estate investment of at least $400,000 on Antigua or else a donation to the Antigua National Development Fund of $250,000, $35,000 in legal and professional fees, $50,000 government application fee for the main investor (waived for the government donation of $250,000), $7,500 in due diligence fees, additional fees for dependents, plus PTClub's referral fee.

PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is Euro 5,000. For a family of two or more, it is Euro 10,000.

Cyprus (EU)

PTClub's immigration lawyers in Nicosia can process our clients' expedited Cypriot citizenship if they are willing to make any of the following investments in Cyprus:

1) Mixed investments and a donation to a Cypriot state fund: Applicant must invest at least US$2,000,000 in the national investment company and an amount of at least US$500,000 as a donation to the Research and Technology Fund of the Republic of Cyprus, plus PTClub's referral fee of Eur 5,000.

2) Direct Investments: Applicant must invest at least US$5,000,000 in Cyprus (purchases of houses, offices, shops, hotels, businesses active and/or registered in Cyprus, bonds and securities registered
and issued in Cyprus, etc).

3) Deposits in banks:
Applicant must have a fixed term deposit of at least US$5,000,000 for a period of three years with Cypriot banks.

4) A Combination of Mixed Investments and a Donation to a State Fund, Direct Investments and Deposits in Cypriot Banks: Applicant must have a combination of the above options for at least US$5,000,000.

To start the process PTClub's referral fee in the amount of Eur 5,000 or equivalent is required. The cost for the program fee's as noted above are to be paid direct to source after we require your referral fee of Eur 5,000 or Eur 10,000 for a family application.

ORDER HERE at our secure on-line ordering form.