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Financial Services

Your Secret's safe in Switzerland.

Switzerland and its neighboring Principality of Liechtenstein retain a well deserved reputation for confidentiality and high standard international banking services. Opening an account usually requires outstanding references and a substantial deposit but we can now open an account for you in either jurisdiction provided you agree to deposit at least $5,000.

Once the banking relationship is established you will deal directly and can choose from the banks menu of services including accounts in all currencies, secured credit cards, and securities trading. Deal with some of the strongest financial institutions left in the world. No personal attendance required!

For a nominal cost, we open a Swiss Bank account for you. Alternatively, you may elect for an Liechtenstein account, or both. The choice is yours. However due to arcane and recent US laws, American nationals and resident are NO longer accepted as banking client in Swiss banks. if you're an American contact us and we'll sort you with a very good bank that DOES accept Americans.

What we need:

  • A certified copy of passport.
  • Time scale: 2 - 3 -weeks.
  • Order reference: Cheese.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: If you are able to attend a personal interview and impress a Swiss bank manager, you can often walk out with a generous credit line on a Credit card. We can provide a referral for $1500.

The account in the Mountains
A little-known secret of successful Europeans in Andorran banking. High up in the mountains lies Andorra - less known than Switzerland, lower profile than Monaco, with a laid-back Latin mentality yet one of the richest countries on earth. Banking is fully computerised and all accounts are multi-currency. If you can spare a weekend to visit this delightful principality, you will find that full service, old-Swiss-style private banking still exists. No foreign banks are allowed here but the local banks are amongst the most stable in the world. No minimum deposit.

What we need: You have to visit Andorra and show your passport. A local reference is provided. No other references or proof of address are required.

  • Time scale: 30 minutes when you visit Andorra.
  • Fee: $1,000 includes local maildrop for one year
  • Order reference: Mountains.

Malta: Banking in the Sun
If you want to avoid banking in "obvious" havens such as the Caribbean or Channel Islands, we recommend Malta, a little English-speaking island off the Italian boot. It's low profile, and relatively free of influences from North America or the EU. (Indeed Malta is in the US black books because of its trade with neighboring Libya. Good news for PTs since exchange of information is unlikely!) Everything is done by mail.

What we need: copy of your passport. References desirable but not essential.

  • Time scale: 2 weeks.
  • Fee: $750 includes local maildrop for one year.
  • Order reference: Malta.

Bank introduction by mail
We can open accounts by mail in any of the countries listed below for $750 each. Facilities and requirements as on the chart. Use the country as the order code. Reckon on a minimum deposit of $5,000 - $10,000 although sometimes less will do. Cards may require security deposit. Contact us for up to the minute info. No currency restrictions. All require copy of passport and details are subject to change without notice!

Country Credit/Debit
Book check
Andorra Yes Yes No
Austria Yes No No
Belgium Yes Yes Yes
Estonia Yes Yes No
Denmark Yes Yes No
Gibraltar Yes No Yes
Guernsey Yes Yes Yes
Ireland Yes Yes Yes
Malta Yes No No
Romania Yes No No
USA Yes Yes Yes
Vanuatu No Yes No

1) Andorra includes a free maildrop but requires attendance in person to open account. For accounts in other jurisdictions contact us now!