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PT Romance, the PT way

To our great regret and sorrow, there are very few female PTs. And, since we do not believe in political correctness, this page might seem a bit sexist! If so, we apologise. No offence is intended, but since most of our visitors are male we have to cater to them. If you are a woman you can certainly make a lot of money with our quickie marriages and divorces.

However, as frequent travellers we have unrivalled opportunities for meeting miniskirted bombshells. Whether it's Asian beauties in Bangkok, hot Latina playa chicas or mixing banking with bonking Blonde Baltic ice maidens in Latvia, the single male PT is a lucky guy indeed!

W.G. Hill's limited edition work Sex Havens for Tax Friends is now out of date. However, we have word of an internet site under construction that will provide the same information with regular updates. Check back later for progress reports.

In the meantime if you fall in or out of love, PTClub can offer you:

"Do it yourself" marriages
Marriage is a religious ceremony. Our romantic or sexual liaisons are no business of any government, and who cares if the government chooses to "recognise" them? You can obtain quickie marriages in many parts of the world - for example by having documents notarised and couriering them to Mexico, or by setting up a maildrop in Scotland and travelling to Gretna Green. The PT, however, always wants to KISS (Keep it Simple, Sweetheart!) And there is a simple way provided by ptclub:

The USA constitution guarantees freedom of religion and you can now be ordained by an officially recognised American church, which believes in freedom of worship, thought and expression, for just $250. This includes the right to carry out marriages, baptisms, funerals. You can therefore ordain a friend and have him/her preside at your wedding.

The package includes:

  • Certificate of Ordination to hang on the wall.
  • The right to call yourself "Reverend" or "Pastor"
  • Priest's ID Card: this in itself is worth $250 as it assists in visa arrangements and could literally save your ass in cases of civil unrest - nobody, not even Big Brother or the most fearsome Mafia godfather, wants to be responsible for jailing or killing a priest!
  • Marriage certificate to be signed by the newly-ordained priest, together with full instructions.
  • Further priest supplies, from baptismal certificates to cassocks, can be ordered at nominal prices or obtained locally by showing your priest ID.
  • You can earn money carrying out religious ceremonies for other people, like Graham Greene's character "The Whisky Priest"

In urgent cases ordination can usually be arranged the same day with the ceremony being carried out by email. This is perfectly legal and valid in the USA, provided your religious beliefs permit it, and since our creator is present everywhere why would he not be present in cyberspace? Simply order using our usual system:

  • Reference order: Priest
  • Cost: $25

Quickie divorces in the Dominican Republic
The divorce procedure is simple and very fast. Unfortunately it's a lot more expensive than the marriage procedure, but that's lifeā€¦

A divorce can be obtained in as little as one day if needed. Otherwise, your divorce will be obtained by mail in as short time as two weeks. Under divorce law in the Dominican Republic, it is legal to get a divorce without any residency requirements. Your divorce can be obtained by mail through a special Power of Attorney, with no travel involved. In the past, quick and easy divorces were only available to the rich and famous; but through the efforts of PTClub now everyone who wishes can get a fast, simple, and painless divorce.

If you choose to use our service, we will aid you in preparing all the necessary documents and forward them to the Dominican Republic where you will be represented in court by a duly qualified attorney who will handle your case to its conclusion, at which time we will forward to you via UPS or DHL your final divorce judgement. Your final divorce judgement can be filed as a foreign judgement in the County, State or Country where you live if you want.

While we provide all the arrangements, you can be assured that the attorneys handling your divorce will be qualified, licensed and very experienced and able to represent you in court promptly and efficiently per your instructions. If your divorce is not granted for any reason, your money will be refunded.

Foreign Divorces were tried three times within the United States: Twice by one of the highest US Courts: The Supreme Court of Appeals, (Twin Rulings) ROSENSTIEL- V. - ROSENSTIEL 16 N.Y. 2nd. 70 & WOOD- V. - WOOD 16 N.Y. 2nd. 64 (65) and by a ruling by a Illinois State Court, whereby all foreign divorces were upheld as valid and binding.

The following possibilities are available:

  1. MUTUAL CONSENT (both Spouses Sign): Both parties request the divorce and sign the Power of Attorney forms. Custody of any minor children may be entered into the divorce decree or use a Marital Settlement Agreement (which is available on request).
  2. NON CONSENT (You Sign): When the defendant's address is unknown or your Spouse's signature cannot be attained, The Dominican Republic Court issues a Notification to be posted, and if there is no response from the Defendant within a 7-day period, the Divorce will be awarded to the Plaintiff (by default).

No travel is required and all processing can be done by mail or courier service to get the final papers as quickly as possible.

Procedure and costs:

  1. Click on the Applyonline link in the top of the left margin.
  2. Reference order: quickdivorce.
  3. Select one of the following possibilities:
    • 2 weeks - $1,250
    • 12 Weeks - $1,000
    • 1 Day - $2,000
  4. Upon receipt of your order, we will fax or email you a worksheet and a power of attorney which you must complete and return with various documents.

Dominican Republic divorces can be certified by the American Embassy at an additional cost of $200