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Samoa Tax Free Offshore Company

Probably ptCLUB's all-time favourite… and now substantially reduced in price! This package is ideal for many typical uses, such as import-export, consultancy, and e-commerce.

This popular package offers total confidentiality at a low cost. Included is a new Panama Tax Free Corporation:

  • Ready made Panama corporation (your own choice of name: add $100)
  • All documents in Spanish with certified English legal translation.
  • All documents apostilled for international recognition.
  • Bearer shares.
  • Nominee directors.
  • Nominee directors never know who you are or where the bank account is held.
  • Signed, undated letters of resignation from nominees for your security.
  • Blank, notarised power of attorney (fill in your bank signatory's name).
  • Resident agent and registered office.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed by law.
  • You can use the same company documents again elsewhere.
  • The Panama company is liable for no taxes whatsoever and the only restriction is that it is not licensed to do business or hold bank accounts within the Republic of Panama. (Business license can be arranged if desired - sometimes useful for trading in goods since Panama and its Colon Free Trade Zone are world famous trade centers).

The bank account features:

  • Multicurrency facilities.
  • Fully-featured internet banking.
  • Maestro debit card.
  • Deposit funds via wire transfer, check or cash.
  • Customer Service in English, German, Latvian or Russian languages.
  • All information held by the bank is strongly protected by privacy laws.

What we need:

  • A copy of signatory's passport. The passport copy does not have to be certified but the signature card must be. Certification is by notary, Latvian embassy, bank, solicitor or government official.
  • Cost: $750.
  • Order reference: Eurocorp.


  • Place your order
  • We send you by courier (DHL, EMS or UPS) the company documents and the bank forms, ready filled in for you to sign.
  • You fax required documents to the bank and receive an account number from them, so you can accept deposits right away.
  • Send the original signed documents to the bank along with an opening deposit (no minimum but we recommend at least $200) and the bank will then fully activate your account and send you the card, PIN and internet banking codes. Note: the bank imposes nominal fees for card, internet banking activation, sending documents by mail or courier etc which will be deposited from your opening deposit.
  • Fee: ptCLUB's fee of just $750 includes everything listed above.
  • Annual renewal fee for Panama company: $500 includes registered agent, registered address and nominee directors' stipends.
  • Order reference: Eurocorp.

The incorporation documents are in Spanish but are accompanied by certified English translations. This is not usually a problem if your corporate vehicle is mainly for your personal use and/or you deal extensively in Latin America. It could be a problem if you sign many contracts worldwide, as attorneys may wish to have an independent translation of important clauses.

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