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Model Recruitment - Your passport to the glamorous world of international modeling!

Official "talent scout" status
Meet beautiful girls every day!

Ptclub is proud to be able to offer official "honorary talent scout" status - a first in the international PT world. This deal is negotiated with a major internet model agency which will lend credibility to your new hobby - model recruitment.

This package is limited only by its availability and your imagination. It is designed as an entree to approach beautiful girls on beaches or in nightspots, when you might not otherwise be taken seriously. Use it also to obtain VIP treatment in restaurants, nightclubs etc. Use it generally to enhance your status and meet attractive younger women. Use your official photographer status (included in the package) to gain entry to trade shows, sporting events, live entertainment etc.

You will receive:

  • 100 color business cards printed with your name, address, and private email at the model agency's domain
  • Press Photographer ID card valid 5 years issued by an independent authority.
  • Official talent scout t-shirts and baseball cap
  • Letter of recommendation
  • 50 flyers/application forms to hand out to girls
  • Telephone contact direct with the chief consultant for advice and support
  • Exclusive invitations to photo shoots and parties at glamorous locations
  • The back-up of an agency with a high-traffic website containing portfolios of many beautiful models to which you can refer your friends and associates.
  • Free hosting of portfolios of models recruited and/or photographed by you
  • Courier delivery worldwide for $50 extra

This agency handles all types of models: fashion, advertising, glamour, runway etc. As a talent scout you will be responsible for recruiting and/or photographing both existing professional models who are already with other agencies, and "girl next door" types. You will not be paid, but you can offer the girls free design and hosting of a web page, free email, and free photography of a small portfolio. The type of girl who cares about her appearance finds such an offer hard to resist.


Can you name the model agency?
In order to protect the integrity and reputation of the agency, we cannot publish the name of the company. However, we can assure you it is a serious business with a large website and hundreds of pictures of models. This company is a genuine player and handles some of the top award-winning models from the world's catwalks, and it is run by people with extensive experience in the fashion business. It is not a pornographic business, and no nudity is allowed.

How does the agency make its money?

The website is sponsored by other companies in the same way that Altavista, Yahoo etc are funded. In addition, regular photo shoots and bootcamps are arranged on which the agency takes a commission on fees paid to models. Merchandise is also sold through e-commerce. However, there is no commission charged to girls on direct contact made through the website by potential clients.

How can I use the package?
Everybody likes to be associated with beautiful models, or even just the concept of beautiful people. Not only does it attract the public into businesses, but it attracts favorable publicity (press, TV etc) By talking to the management of nightclubs or hotels you can often arrange free nights out with VIP treatment, or even special talent scouting events, amateur beauty contests etc. Any company that wants to promote its product as a fashion item (clothes, jewellery, drinks, sports stores etc) is a potential sponsor to pay for your party with the models. For example who wants to be an honorary consul socializing with aging diplomats when you could be an honorary talent scout socializing with potential future supermodels? You can easily order extra promotional material or arrange to print your own.

Can I use this deal while traveling?
Yes, this company does business worldwide. Instead of being treated as a mere tourist when you are travelling outside your home territory, you can hand out your cards to influential people and be instantly recognized as part of a glamorous international business. Since you will be fully empowered to recruit future modeling talent, you can expect the most beautiful girls to start seeking you out as soon as word gets around that you are in town.

What happens to girls I recruit?
You will either mail or email in the photos and data to the head office, who will put the girl's info on the internet site and provide an email address where potential clients can contact her. This is done at no charge to you, but is a valuable free service to the models and they will be grateful to you for it. Some photographers charge $1000 or more just for photos with no promotion. It is possible you could really launch a girl into a highly successful career. At the very least, you will be able to enjoy meeting them socially. You can, for example, recruit a girl at the beach, take swimsuit photos there and then, and make a date for her to meet you at your hotel for evening dress photos and drinks later in the day.

This entire package costs just US$ 250 plus $50 courier fee, less than a good night out in many parts of the world yet you are guaranteed to have great fun with it. Probably the most fun product we have on our site.