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Singapore or Mauritius Company & Singapore Bank Account

Here are the particulars for a great company structure in a super offshore locale - Singapore:

At your option you can elect to have a BVI or Nevis company in your chosen name. Just select three names in order of preference bearing in mind the companies suffix should end in an Inc., Ltd. or Corp. One of your three company names is sure to be available for creation.

Approval of your company name availability takes one or two working days to confirm and we will inform you immediately thereof.

Your company papers, bank papers and digit pass [for online internet banking authentication] will be sent by courier to the client anywhere in the world. Your business address can be in another country other than where you reside. If you require a mail accommodation address, please e-mail us for the modalities.

Also included is easy to use online banking with a calculator like authentication code device. Plus you also receive a debit/credit card.

1. The client simply needs to engage a notary public to certify your passport copy and a current utility bill [less than three months old,], plus witness you signing the bank application forms.

Absolutely no banker's references are required! However Singapore banks now require a personal appearance with the banker to sign the banks forms before account opening.

For a Singapore Company and Singapore bank account opening, including internet banking and an ATM card; the cost for our viewers is US$4,950, which includes a Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder.

In addition you will need to submit a short Business plan of your company, which we'll be happy to assist you with after we receive your paid order.

The bank in Singapore is tops offering first rate customer service, something sorely missing in many banks in today's world. It is a LOCAL Singapore BANK - not ANY BRANCH OF A BANK FROM OVERSEAS!

Excellent internet banking via a security token (looks like small calculator) which authenticates your online banking, PLUS a debit card offering a generous S$5,000 per day cash withdrawal allowance are included.

All Singapore banks require a personal appearance at the bank in Singapore for account opening purposes.

Fortunately for our viewers at this point of time, that is NOT necessary. Act now for a world class bank and world class jurisdiction.

Minimum deposit required to open the account is USD$1,000 which you wire direct to your account as soon as its opened.

The cost for your Singapore or Mauritius Company and Singapore Bank account [INCLUDING nominees] is US$6,350 Just click our ORDER link below and you will be taken to our secure online order form. Your order code for this product is "SINGAPORE"

Order at our secure web site order form here!

Your order Code is "Singapore."

***** Extra Special offer: Singapore Virtual office -

You have two options here:

OPTION 1. - Singapore Address with mail forwarding from Singapore to anywhere. This will be sent weekly by air-mail to the address specified by you.

Available at this price ONLY if you order the above Singapore Company banking package, US$999 for the first year (plus US$100 postage deposit.)

OPTION 2. - Singapore Address with mail forwarding from Singapore to anywhere, i.e. (Provision of a mailing address)
(2) Provision of one telephone and one fax number
(3) Mails, telephone and fax message forwarding

Available at this price ONLY if you order the above Singapore Company banking package, US1,499, (plus US$100 postage deposit.)

Another great product from PTClub.

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For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us