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Spy Counterspy

Pen Bug
This standard and functioning ball-point pen cleverly disguises a professional-standard room transmitter and a high-resolution microphone. You will need special equipment (we can advise) to pick up the signal so there is no risk of other parties making use of your bugs!

It transmits up to 100 meters to a recording device which can be situated, for example, in a car parked outside the building or in another room. Contact our Gadget Department experts to discuss your requirements - many similar products are available.

Price: $450

The PT Batphone: Ultimate Cordless Communication
The BatPhone package will offer:

  • long range cordless phone (up to 60 km)
  • 56k internet access at remote location
  • encrypted internal communications
  • two scrambler units for use on the global phone network to offer complete peace-of-mind
  • that your communications cannot be intercepted and neither can your exact location be traced!
  • The package is currently under construction but if you are interested please email us for advice and latest prices on these products. We recommend you first read the long range cordless report (verify this number of report) which explains these technologies in more detail.

Dial up GSM Bug
Unlike traditional radio-based bugging devices, this one allows you to listen to and record conversations and sounds from the other side of the world if you wish!

It is a modified mobile phone and looks like one of any number of different standard models.

It is discreetly located in the area under surveillance, which can be anywhere in a GSM cellular coverage area. Only you will know its phone number. You can dial into this phone from anywhere and instead of ringing it will simply provide you with live audio from the room in question.

Price: $1,750 Order now!

Personal bug and tape detector
Ever been nervous about voicing your true political or business opinions for fear that they could be played back later against you?

Meetings are an essential part of doing business, but you can never know if the other party is a commercial spy sent by your competitor, a Big Brother agent sent to entrap you, or somebody with a completely different personal agenda from that which they claim.

This sophisticated detector, as used by professional espionage agents, is designed to be concealed on your body and will alert you with a discreet vibration to the presence of either a tape recorder or a wireless bugging device. This is much more effective than the standard devices which detect only one or the other. Once you are aware, you can simply conduct the meeting in such a way that you cannot be compromised, or indeed feed disinformation to your enemies.

Guard your privacy with this unique device which can prevent priceless information from entering the hands of others.

Price: $1,850 Order now!

Telephonic Voice Changer (Electronic Handkerchief)
A professional version of the popular novelty gadget, which consists of a loudspeaker and rubber cup which covers the phone mouthpiece so you speak into the device's microphone rather than directly into the telephone. It works on all telephones including mobiles, net phones etc. The voice that the other party hears is completely changed. This device changes not just the tone but also the personal voice element, making it impossible for any listening party to conduct voice fingerprinting of the type that famously led to the arrest of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. It can turn a man's voice into a woman and vice versa.

Uses include:

  • talk to Big Brother's agents without identifying yourself
  • inform undesired callers that you are not available
  • answer with a man's voice for safety if you are a lone woman
  • make a one-man business or mobile unit sound like a busy office

Price: $495

Voice Stress Based Lie Detector
Polygraphs, or lie detectors, were first developed before the second world war and have proven effective when used - preferably along with other investigative techniques - in revealing whether a person is lying or not. Simply put, they rely on involuntary reactions within the subject's body revealing stress which cannot be suppressed. Traditional lie detectors measure breathing variations, heartbeat and skin resistance.

Recent technological research has discovered that analysis of only the voice can also achieve similar results. Although only slightly less effective than the polygraph, voice-stress based analyzers offer huge benefits which outweigh this disadvantage in day to day use:

  • they may be used covertly, i.e. without knowledge of the subject
  • they work equally well by telephone

Stress of course can be caused by many factors other than lying, so the operator should not rely entirely on use of such a gadget. However, it can be very effective combined with other research and analysis - for example when investigating possibly disloyal employees or handling cold callers who are making business propositions.

This small, battery operated gadget discreetly analyzes any human voice and gives a rating from 1-4 similar to a breath alcohol analyzer: 1 indicating normal modulation, 4 indicating maximum stress.

Price: $850 Order now!

Night Vision Binoculars
ptCLUB checked out numerous manufacturers of night vision equipment and is proud to recommend these binoculars, which provide the best value at the price. Unlike novelty gadgets which can be obtained cheaper, this device was originally designed for military use and is distinguished by extremely high light intensification even under unfavorable conditions.

Consists of two linked monoculars with a focal length of 37mm and nine top-quality lenses. Eyepieces consist of four lenses and have a focal length of 15mm.

Price: $1,950 Order now!

Professional Remote Radar Detector
In the past it used to be relatively easy to detect radar speed traps since they only operated on one frequency and a whole range of cheap detectors were available to alert drivers.

However, new radar devices developed in Europe and spreading fast throughout the world work on variable frequencies which would mean you need one of the old-type detectors tuned in to each frequency between 10 and 25 Ghz!

This new hi-tech radar detector is designed to cope with this eventuality and will continue to offer you protection where vital interests are at stake. Warning: use of this device has been made illegal in certain countries.

Price: $650

Note: a covert version of this device is also available which can be installed behind the radiator grill at the front of the car, with a hidden alarm in the passenger compartment. This requires specialist installation.

Hidden FM Transmitter
Position this tiny device in a room and it will automatically transmit all sounds it picks up. You can receive the sounds on any standard FM receiving equipment including domestic stereo, car radio etc. so you need no special equipment even if you wish to record the action to play back later!

Plus it transmits with the same clarity you expect from FM radio stations.

This gadget is ideal for domestic surveillance situations where the other party is not trained in countersurveillance techniques.

Power supply: 1 x 9V PP3 battery (not supplied)
Frequency: 88-130 MHz
Size: 24x19x8 mm
Range: approximately 1 mile / 1.6km

Price is $80