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Swiss Personal or Company Bank Account

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in managing your privacy and securing your financial objectives.

PTClub has pulled magic out of our hat once again to offer you this rare product! Would you like to have and operate a first class bank account with a real credit card or ATM cash card opened with minimal ID requirements. You can even have an on-line credit card for on-line purchases as well!

We're talking about a prestigious Swiss personal or Offshore company and Swiss bank account from a real bricks and mortar bank! Americans and Canadians are unfortunately no longer being accepted for account opening in Switzerland. For our American and Canadian clients please peruse HERE for our other banking offers.

For a nominal cost we can provide you with a personal or company bank account in US$, Euro, CHF, AUD or Yen (other currencies as well,) including a cash (ATM) card or a real credit (not debit) card. This account can be opened with just a notarized passport copy and a recent utility bill (less than three months old.)

Internet banking and a Swiss bankers card is included with the account setup. See https://www.swissbankers.ch/en/homepage.html for particulars on this debit card, which is an excellent card by the way and we personally use one!

All that is required is a copy of your passport and utility bill, your up to date company corporate papers, an address, e-mail address and your telephone number for courier purposes for the bank. It's as easy as that!
Your account is setup and ready to operate within a few working days from the time the bank receives all their required compliance documents from you.

A video conference with your Swiss banker is required. Alternatively you can visit the bank at one of their offices in Geneva or Lugano and open the account.

Fee schedules attached in zip format.

Here's what you receive:

* Personal bank account
* Corporate bank account
* Digipass to operate Internet banking
* International Offshore ATM and or Credit card (video conference required for these cards after your account is opened,) OR
* Cash (ATM) or credit card (video conference required for any cards from this bank.)
* No limit on deposits - amount or quantity You can receive and send wire transfers via swift transfer via on-line banking facilities Passport notarizations required Utility bill required (less than three months old.)
* YOU and only YOU control the account!
* Swiss Bankers card ATM card directly linked to the account
* Your accounts fully operational via the Internet, telephone or email.
Easy to setup, use and operate
* Your account opened in just 3-4 banking days from the time the Swiss has received all required documents and conducted your video interview,


Q - Is there a minimum opening deposit required?
A - A Euro 5,000 minimum opening deposit is required for a personal and or a company account.

Q - Is there a minimum deposit for the ATM and credit card?
A - There is a minimum of US$/CHF/Euro 5,000 required for your cash, i.e. ATM card. This can be from your opening deposit, so there is no need for any extra initial funds for the ATM card. You have immediate access
to 100% of your cash card funds with your own pin number. A video conference is required prior to the bank dispatching any ATM or credit cards.


Individual/personal Account

* The minimum to open an account is 5 000 CHF / EUR / USD for a personal current account, a joint account or a trading account.
* notarized copy of your passport
* Utility bill less than three months old
* Video conference with Swiss banker prior to opening of account


clients will be able to deposit a company cheques in the corporate account but first of all they should activate the account with a wire transfer.

Please find below the information regarding the opening of a corporate account at our Swiss bank.

The initial deposit to open a corporate account is CHF/EUR/USD 20’000 (you can also deposit from CHF/EUR/USD 10’000. However, in this case the account opening fee of CHF 150.- applies)

The account can be opened online through web-conference, which means that no visit is
required to initiate an account. Minimum balance to maintain on the account is CHF/EUR/USD 1’000.

For a corporate account, the Swiss bank requires the following documents by post:

* Account opening forms duly signed
* Originals corporate documents* of the company that we will certify and send back or certified by notary copies.
* Notarized copy of the beneficial owner’s passport
* Notarized copy of the directors’ passport
* Proof of residence under 3 months (certificate of establishment, utility bill: electricity, water, gas, fixed line telephone) of the beneficial owner
* Additional documents depending on the structure of the company

Account opening procedure:
As soon as the bank receives all the documents, we will provide you with the temporary banking details for your first deposit. Then, when the bank
receives the first deposit, the bank and you has the video-conference the and start
the activation of the account (usually 3-5 working days).

The banks clients also have possibility to open online trading accounts with Interactive Brokers and request debit or credit cards.

Q - Do I send you the minimum account opening deposit?
A - No. Once we receive your order and setup fee, we arrange the account for you. In just a day or so we'll provide you with your account details and YOU remit your opening deposits direct to the bank, as it should be.

Q - What is the timescale for the opening of a current / joint account?
A - Opening a bank account with our Swiss Bank takes about 4-5 days depending on the complexity of the case and provided that all the requested documents are properly provided, completed and signed.

Q - What other services does the bank provide?
A - The bank is exceedingly flexible. For instance they offer products like offshore investments, mutual funds, securities, options, etc.

Q - I don't have a current passport or any company papers. What can I do?
A - Swiss bank requires notarized passport copy, which is mandatory.

In the event you do not currently have a company and require an offshore company, just provide us with three (3) names in order of preference and we'll have a prestigious offshore company created just for you. Add Euro 1,250 for this option and we will have either a Hong Kong or UK company formed for your account opening purposes.

For a Hong Kong or other company please add Euro 1,250 and UP, depending on the jurisdiction and select three names in order of preference as your choice for the name of your corporation. Note that it is taking approximately 10 working days to create your offshore company due to heavy demand.


Here is a little list of accepted jurisdictions:

Andorra, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ile de Man, Jersey, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland and other European jurisdictions.

The Swiss bank does not work with:

Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Belize, Bermudes, BVI, Caimans, Cook Island, Costa Rica, Delaware, Dominique, Dubai, Guatemala, Liberia, Marshall, Maurice, Panama, Ras al-Khaimah, Seychelles, St Kitts & Nevis, St Vincent, Ste Lucie, Turk & Caicos.

Q - How do I get started?
A - Its fast and easy. Just order at https://www.ptclub.com/order_others.html and indicate what it is you require.

A Personal or company bank account is EUR 500 for our referral fee (subject to your company papers being in order.) All other bank fees, cost of digipass, cards, etc. are on you as pre your specifications and requirements.

A a Hong Kong or UK company and Swiss company bank account costs EUR 1,250.

Your ordering code is "CHF-personal" for a personal account or "CHF-company" for a HKG or UK Swiss company account. Please indicate your preference either with HK or UK for your company.

Payment can be made by bank-to-bank wire, BitCoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill and BitCoins.....

Here know it works: Just fill out the order form HERE! As soon as we receive your order, we'll email you your pay-in particulars.

Once your payment is credited we'll email you a preliminary Swiss bank's application form. You fill it out, sign it and email it back to us.

Once we receive the full form from the bank, we'll email it to you and then you courier it direct to the bank in Switzerland along with your notarized passport copy and current utility bill.

The bank will arrange a date and time of mutual convenience for your video conference. Be sure to have your passport with you during the video conference as the Swiss banker will ask you to show it during the video conference.

Within 3-4 business days from the time the bank receives your paper work, the bank email's you your bank account details. You have 30 days to remit your opening deposit, otherwise the bank closes the account.

Once the bank receives your opening deposit, then the bank will dispatch your digipass, which looks like a calculator and operates your on-line Internet banking operations securely for in and out, wires, etc. and your debit card.

To reiterate:

Here's what you receive:

Personal or company bank account
Corporate bank account
Swiss bankers Card
On-line brokerage account optional
Digipass - CHF 100

To order please proceed to our secure on-line order form HERE!

Just select your preferred method of payment as a BANK WIRE in the drop down box via our ordering site.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.


Our referral fee for this extraordinary service --- only Euro 500