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Tax Free Cars and Licence Plates

Tax free cars, tax free plates and tourist plates.
Although the main contents of this page have been developed with PTs in mind, all readers will find value for his money and some tax relief in the last paragraphs. So, enjoy and give a sight!

All PTs do know that cars can be bought tax free by legally avoiding most duties and taxes. For those who aren't in the know we have to remember that this technique however, can only be implemented by those living at least part-time in a different country from their residence. Much better if they only have a nominal residence in a tax haven.

And that this technique won't work for those oppressed pre-PTs who are still residents in their own countries, and proud owners of a unique passport, a unique residence, and a unique social insecurity number, with all their physical and financial movements still blatantly monitored and continuously recorded by big brother. Sorry, but BB won't allow them to enjoy any of these amusing gadgets.

Further, a very nice consequence of buying a tax free car is that after one or two years, when tax over car is much lower, you'll be able to sell it at a profit most of the times! So be creative, and see what our club can offer you to cater with your needs:

Car registration offshore

We believe from past personal experience that this opinion is by far the best, fastest and least expensive method for offshore car registration.


By registering your car off shore you can save money on taxes, import duties, VAT, car modifications, revenue stamps and whatever else the local authorities may impose on your new car. We'll help you register your vehicle off shore and save tens of thousands of dollars, pounds, Euro or yens.

Vanuatu and The Cook Islands have discontinued their registry programs. The only options for off-shore registrations are Gambia and Guinea-Bissau.


Imagine you live in Europe and you buy a luxury car in the United States. You ship it back to Europe. Once you import it, you'll have to pay customs, VAT, local registrations and may even have to make some costly technical modifications to your vehicle. With a Gambian or Guinea-Bissau registration your car will have proper documents and a valid license plate made out to your name and you save thousands of dollars.

In another scenario you're an expat living in a country for a few years. You need a car for 3 years while you're living there. You don't want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for car registration and import. You purchase a tax free car without registrations documents and you register your vehicle for 3 years off shore.

As a foreigner living in a European country you may purchase a tax free car from BMW, Volvo or Mercedes which run diplomatic or tax free car sales programs. We'll register your tax free car quickly and efficiently.

If the country where you'd be using the car requires you to have Gambian or Guinea-Bissau residence permits with your vehicle we can also help you with that.

Register your car using our online form. You can also download our registration form and send it back to us via email.

STEP 1: Fill out our form manually in PDF format by clicking HERE

STEP 2: Scan the form and email to us.

STEP 3: Make a secure online payment through our site HERE..

STEP 4: Email us your ownership documents such as invoice, sales contract and a photo of the car.

STEP 5: Receive your registration papers and license plates.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Here's what you'll get with your registration. You'll get either a Gambian or a Guinea-Bissau registration. You can specify which one you'd prefer or you can select the one that can be delivered faster.


Our fee structure is simple. All payments can be made online. Please keep in mind that whenever documents/plates are sent to you we must use DHL or similar shipping firm. The postal systems are simply not reliable in these countries.

• Annual road tax for 4 calendar year
• Annual mandatory insurance in The Gambia for 4 calendar year

• Renewals
• Road tax
• Insurance in Gambia
SHIPPING CHARGES - Shipping via DHL anywhere in the world $180

Prices are subject to change whenever there's currency fluctuation or government fees change.

Why register your car offshore?
  • Low registration cost and annual fees.
  • Huge potential tax savings - avoid European VAT, luxury taxes, etc.
  • No need to travel - plates sent to you by DHL courier.
  • Legally avoid expensive compliance tests.
  • Small additional cost for personalized plates.

Please EMAIL PTCLUB if you would like to go ahead, or if you have any further questions.

To order proceed to our secure online order form at ORDER FORM

Car registration in Andorra
The primary advantage of car registration in Andorra is that you can drive indefinitely on tourist plates, which can be renewed year after year. Due to the 7% tax this option is more expensive than our Vanuatu/Estonia solution, but has the following advantages:

  • Glamorous plates from a European mountain principality, instead of a far-away island. No problems at borders if you are motoring in Europe. These plates get you the best parking spaces at top hotels, casinos etc.
  • The only European country which has no restriction on how long you may drive on tourist plates.
  • Much easier and cheaper to insure valuable cars due to the low rate of car crime in Andorra.
  • Extremely quick and efficient registration procedure (often within 24 hours).

Compare Andorra's 7% tax to the 180% luxury tax on cars in Denmark, for example, and you will see that this solution could save you a small fortune!

However, you should be aware that:

  • A 7% initial tax is payable on registration. In some cases a 2% European Union transit tax is also payable.
  • The car must be present in Andorra for registration.
  • The plates issued are tourist plates and you must provide an address outside Andorra. They are different from Andorran resident plates.
  • Cars must conform to European Union standards. Cars made for North American market may require adjustments, and other cars may fail to meet EU environmental and safety standards.
  • A personal visit to Andorra is required along with your car.
  • The plates are so beautiful that they are often stolen by souvenir hunters. This can be a real problem as they cannot be replaced outside Andorra, and you will be stopped by the police for driving without plates!

PTClub's fees depend on the work involved. Please email us telling us the exact make and model of car, and its age, and we will get back to you with an exact price.

Vehicle registration and driving Licence in the UK
This package is best for people who already have a European-registered car, but want to save on taxes and insurance. If you have bought a car "tax-free for export" you should consider Vanuatu.

UK Licence plates are frequently seen on roads throughout Europe, and as such they are an excellent choice for motoring anywhere on the continent and even further afield. The UK has a fixed road tax for all private cars, with only very minor variations for factors such as engine size or value.

Huge savings can be achieved by using the UK's low road taxes and insurance costs. For example, if you are driving a 6 month old Mercedes or BMW on German, French, Dutch or Belgian plates, we estimate you can save at least three times our fee in the first year alone! Scandinavians can achieve even greater savings still.

The fees for trucks are also excellent value and we can arrange establishment of road haulage companies that can operate anywhere within the EU - email us for this.

Advantages of UK car registration through PTClub:
Fixed annual tax never exceeds GBP 200.
Car never normally needs to travel to UK. (On rare occasions the authorities will demand to see it).
Left or right hand drive cars can easily be registered.
Low profile identity.
UK insurance is some of the cheapest in the world.

We offer a package including:
Transfer of your existing car from foreign registration plates, or registration of a new car.
Provision of UK maildrop at which the car will be registered, or a UK company to register the car - whichever you prefer.
Arranging insurance and Europe-wide breakdown cover at your UK address.
Manufacture and delivery of license plates and GB sticker worldwide.
Arranging MOT technical test certificate (required annually for cars more than 3 years old) by remote assessment.

Total package price: GBP 1,000, plus GBP 250 per year renewal fees.

Optional extra: exchange your European Union, Aus/NZ or various other Driving License to a new-style UK photo DL for an extra GBP 1000. This can help prove UK residence where necessary, since the UK does not have any registration of foreign residents.

What's NOT included:
Road tax - approximately GBP 160 per year.
Insurance - from GBP 100 per year upwards, depending on vehicle and driver.
Import duty and VAT - applicable to new cars. However, NO IMPORT DUTY OR VAT is payable if you have been using the car for at least six months in another European Union country.
Disbursements: there are nominal government fees for various aspects of the registration, which should be around GBP 100.
Consultancy re registration of cars which do not have suitable type approval. This means cars which have not been manufactured to European specifications. Technical adjustments may be required to cars made for North American market, and other cars may fail to meet environmental standards. We have ways around this, but they cost extra…

To ask any questions or to place an order, contact PTClub by email right now.