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Tax Free Offshore Company

Caribbean Tax Free Offshore Banking Package
Despite Panama being our favoured all-round tax haven, there's no doubt that white sandy beaches, palm trees, yachts and seaplanes also hold an attraction to the stealth expat … so ptclub is delighted to announce that for only US$ 1,950 we can set you up with a fully functional offshore corporation complete with bank account in the sunny Caribbean!

Our local trusted Bank Magician utilizes his prime contacts to one of the few remaining offshore banks that caters specifically to Expats and PTs (Perpetual Travellers) – without a banking reference!

But there is even more!

  • Multi-jurisdictional enhancement: this package achieves an additional layer of privacy by taking a corporation from one island, then opening the bank account on a neighbouring island. Both jurisdictions are independent sovereign states (not European dependencies) with strong financial privacy laws preventing these two islands from exchanging information with each other, let alone with far-away lands!
  • No bank references required.
  • Account can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • For the more conservatively minded, high interest accounts that will compete with the best are also available.
  • Need an account that is private and confidential and don't want to supply banking references or credit histories (good or bad) when you are not asking for credit? This is it!!
  • Add either an
  • and we will give you a 10% discount on the whole package! Add both and we will give you 15% off!
  • Particularly ideal for Europeans who want to keep their money as far away from "information exchange" and "uniform withholding tax" as possible.
  • All first year corporate fees are included. Annual renewal fees and taxes charged at standard rates - see our incorporation fee chedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which islands do you use?
In order not to attract the attention of various supra-national alphabet agencies which are dedicated to closing down anonymous banking possibilities, we have agreed not to name the jurisdictions here. However if you are seriously interested, you can pay a deposit of $500 and we will then tell you exactly which jurisdictions. If at that stage you don't want to proceed, we will happily refund your $500.

Are credit cards available?

Not from this bank at present, but you can easily obtain a corporate credit card in a range of other jurisdictions. Click here to see the range of options available.

Can I deposit cash?
Yes you can, but this bank is not suitable for large deposits of cash. If you want to deposit cash, there are better places to do.

How much does the bank charge for clearing checks?
That is negotiable, but the account is primarily designed to function electronically, and checks are not recommended for international transfers due to long clearance delays and high costs. If you want to deposit lots of small checks, this account is not for you. Email our consultants for alternatives.

Can I choose the corporate account name?
Yes, this is a special order formation. You can choose any available corporate name with any ending you like, eg Inc, Ltd, PLC, SA, AG, BV, A/S, GmbH, AB, sro, etc. etc.

Can I use the word "university" in my corporate name?

Are there more advantages incorporating through us?

  • Total secrecy and anonymity, protected by statute.
  • No requirement to disclose beneficial owners; bearer shares permitted.
  • No requirement to file annual return/financial statements or hold annual general meetings of shareholders or directors.
  • Full exemption from taxation on any business activity or transaction carried on outside the country.
  • Reasonable formation and maintenance costs and fees.
  • No minimum nor maximum capital requirements.
  • Minimum registration fee on capital.
  • Corporations may engage in any lawful business in any country and may carry on transactions in whatever currencies they choose.
  • Companies may issue Registered or Bearer shares.
  • The shareholders, directors and officers may be of any nationality and may be residents of any country. Neither the directors nor the officers need be shareholders.
  • Shareholders and/or directors may hold their meetings in any country and they may attend such meetings by proxy.
  • Free Maildrop: you pay only your forwarding fees, this is postage plus 50% or DHL plus 15%.

Apply now! before this treasured loophole is closed. After all, this may be one of the best bets left for private banking with flexibility in the Caribbean.

Order Reference: Caribbecorp.