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PT Club's Terms of Use & Conditions

It is expressly understood that by ordering any product or service from PTClub, you agree to adhere to the laws and regulations of your country of nationality and residence. Though PTClub has its own opinions about privacy matters and will strive to answer your questions, PTClub are not lawyers or tax accountants and cannot provide "legal" advice. In such instances it is recommended that you hire a licensed professional in your jurisdiction.

All PTClub products and services are sold FOB that is freight on board. Though we supply the proof of dispatch or tracking details once your order has been shipped, PTClub is not responsible in the event any product is lost, stolen or confiscated once you are sent the proof of dispatch and or tracking details.

While it is currently NOT against the law for most persons worldwide to have a bank account, funds and structures located outside their home jurisdiction; it is, in some countries, against the law not to declare the account, funds and structures to your authorities. It is the sole duty of the purchaser, you, to follow all laws relating to you acquiring offshore structures and bank accounts and or any or all of our products and services. By ordering any product or service you do hereby agree to hold PTClub harmless in all instances and circumstances.

All terms of use, prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. All banking products, i.e. bank accounts, ATM, Virtual & Credit Cards are sold as is, i.e. there are no refunds due to the sensitive nature of the products and the source/s for same being disclosed once received by the ordering customer.

All ID type products including drivers license's at our web site are sold as novelty items only and we do not warrant their use otherwise. Customers should consult with a paid professional in your home locale for answers to any of your legal questions.

PTClub is an atypical business. In an effort to protect your privacy and ours, and due to the sensitive nature of our products and services, PTClub does not accept nor make telephone calls or allow walk-ins.

Those who respect the nature of our business will, like thousands of customers before, understand and appreciate this privacy policy.

For secure communications we suggest you use pgp. To download the latest FREE version of pgp, go to http://www.pgpi.org

You can locate PTClub's pgp here.

Thank you for your time and welcome to PTClub!