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US bank account and visa cards for non residents

Did you know that, subject to bank approval, it is legal for any non- resident of the United States of America to have bank accounts in the United States? Are you looking for an institution that will provide you with a safe banking relationship? PTClub can provide you with a direct referral to a Virtual bank within the United States exactly for this purpose. It coms in the form of an ATM card.

At this Bank, a growing part of their business is handling accounts and transactions for people living outside of the United States of America. The United States has the world's largest and most stable economy, as well as a sound political system and there are no restrictions on inflow or outflow of capital in the United States, and no local taxes to pay for non-residents. This means that your money is safe with this bank! A non-resident of the United States can open an account at this Bank with a minimum deposit of $5,000. Opening deposits for businesses located outside the United States require a minimum of $10,000.

This Bank is a full service commercial bank, headquartered in West Coast part of the USA, one of the largest cities on the West Coast of the United States. They are regulated by both their home State and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a division of the United States Treasury Department in Washington, DC.

Despite being one of the most aggressive governments when it comes to pursuing its own citizens, the United States of America can be an attractive tax haven for those who do not hold citizenship or residency there. There is no tax on bank interest earned in the USA and a US dollar check book is about the closest check book you can get to one offering worldwide acceptance.

These accounts can be very useful for foreign persons - corporations seeking to do business in the US with no physical presence, or those with large numbers of checks that need to be cleared through the US banking system (overseas or Canadian mail order operators for example).

Another advantage is that after say 6 months you can ask your American bank for a reference to open an account elsewhere. If you are say a Panama corporation or a Russian citizen it is normally impossible to open accounts in more "picky" tax havens like Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Jersey… but when you have a US bank reference this suddenly becomes simple!

We can now offer a "DO IT YOURSELF KIT" with all bank applications forms and everything you need to open a US account with the following features:

  • Opened entirely by mail.
  • No bank references needed.
  • No notarizations needed.
  • No utility bills and no proof of address needed.
  • No reporting requirements.
  • ATM or Visa card included.
  • Non resident secured credit card available.

Unfortunately our US bank only accepts deposits in USD. Here are some of their unique features:

  • Free atm card
  • Internet balance checking and domestic payments
  • English and Russian languages supported - experience with international clients.
  • Internet banking.
  • Small, responsive bank but FDIC insured.
  • Bank of America correspondent account.
  • There didn't used to be a minimum deposit, but unfortunately this bank was besieged by time wasters from MLM and HYIP programs. Let's face it, no bank can make any money running a $100 account. They therefore introduced a $5000 minimum for personal accounts, and $10,000 for business accounts.

There are two types of account:

1. US virtual personal bank account for non residents
Requires application form and W-8 declaration (emailed on receipt of your payment) and copy of valid passport which must be in English. To qualify for this account the account holder and all signing parties must be non-resident and must sign a form W-8 confirming this. These accounts are therefore offered in full compliance with US law. We will not provide these accounts to US residents or citizens so please do not ask us to do so. Accounts are available to all nationalities except US citizens.

Our referral fee: Eur999.
US Nonresident (Personal).

2. US Foreign Corporate accounts
Available to any foreign corporation, no matter where registered.

Requires application form, W8-declaration for corporation, W-8 declaration for each signatory, passport copies for all signatories, copy of all relevant corporate documents, and copy of minutes of meeting authorizing opening of this specific account.

Our fee: Eur999.
US Nonresident (Corp).

Please Note:

If you are interested in establishing a safe banking depository relationship with this Bank, please remit PTClub's referral fee of US$250. We will provide you with the bank contact details ONLY. PTClub can not, and does not guarantee the bank will open an account for you. We make the referral only without warranty. NO refunds for this referral service.

If you do not understand this, DO NOT order.