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Passports and Residence Programs

Looking for a second passport and a TAX-FREE residence? Now you can "kill two birds with one stone". With PTClub's passport and residence programs you can achieve your privacy and financial goals!

Passports from Venezuela, the best nationality and passport program on the internet.

"A second passport could save your life!"
- Dr. Walter Belford, second citizenship expert

Following is our updated overview of our best citizenship and second passport program, with current pricing and government processing periods.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here.



One of our easiest nationality and passport program. A short visit to the country is required for prodcessing purposes!

We are very excited about this new program and process, as it leaves absolutely no doubt in the mind of the applicant of the documents authenticity.

This is an excellent program and one of the best we've had the pleasure of offering clients over the 18 years we've been on the www.

Here is the information and process:

The Venezuelan program is processed under one of the country's "Bolivarian Missions"_ (__Misión Identidad)_, which are a series of anti-poverty and social welfare programs that also encourage economic
immigration to Venezuela. It is based on naturalization.

Besides the PP you will get a certificate of naturalization, a cedula (the state ID card) You get a letter from Juan Carlos Dugarte, the present head of the following department, the Service Administration of Identification, migration and aliens (SAIME) welcoming you as a new citizen, you get a document from the SIAME (department of immigration) called the certification of your data which verifies that all you data is correct and in the data bases for you cedula, your state ID, so you were entitled to the PP, an Apostille from the foreign office declaring all your docs are in order with all the stamps and seals and signatures, and last but not least a Ven. drivers license.

Venezuelan passports are issued to citizens of Venezuela to travel outside the country. Biometric passports have been issued since July 2007, with a RFID chip containing a picture and fingerprints; passports issued earlier remain valid until they expire.

As of 2013 passports were 34 pages long and displayed a biometric symbol on the bottom of the cover. The cover shows the name "República Bolivariana de Venezuela" on the top. The holder's personal information is written in a digital format on a plastic card which also bears a machine-readable zone on the bottom, and
a picture of the holder on the left.

As Venezuela has become a full member of Mercosur, the passport format will be changed to follow the Mercosur model, with a deep blue cover marked Mercosur on the top.

The Venezuelan passport is valid for ten years and is renewable thereafter at any Venezuelan embassy/consulate worldwide.

Venezuelan citizens had visa free or visa on arrival access to 131 countries and territories, ranking the Venezuelan passport 25th in the world.

See the list of visa free countries that a Venezuelan passport HERE..

This is the best passport programme we've seen with ALL the documentation signed sealed and delivered. You are really a citizen of Venezuela and can move in and/or travel tomorrow.

The cost is Euro 55,000 per adult applicant, Eur 45,000 for the spouse and just Euro40,000 per child under 18, plus PTClub's referral fee. PTClub's referral fee for a single applicant is US$ 5,800. For a family of two or more, it is US$ 11,600.

Click HERE to download in zip file format, information about our Venezuelan program.

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