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Virtual Credit Card

PTClub's Amazing Offers!

The Any Name - Any Address No ID Virtual credit card!

How much would you pay for an any name, no ID credit card for on-line purchases? Think about that... any name no ID (required) virtual credit card!

AN ANY NAME, NO ID, Virtual credit card for your on-line purchases is now available and offered for the very first time on the Internet.

Yes you read that correct. For the very first time you can get a Virtual credit card for on-line purchases and use ANY name and address you want each time you use it.

Sounds too good to be true? Well this offer is true. We obtained an any name, no ID Virtual credit card for our usual "test drive before offering the product" purposes. We were so impressed we pre-paid for a good number of them.

Here's just a few of the products purchased using a DIFFERENT name and address for each on-line purchase with this card:

  • Books from Amazon.com
  • E-bay
  • PayPal
  • Purchased sensitive books and other materials on-line
  • Software
  • Anonymous on-line gambling
  • Ordered web hosting and other security type products and services
  • Plus a few other things we won't write about.

The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

They're back. USD denominated Virtual Visa cards in various amounts, is right up your alley with internet balance viewing!

Q. What exactly is a Virtual Credit Card?
A. It works just like a real credit card and can be used at any web sites, online merchants, internet shops and web stores over the internet where payments by credit card are accepted:

PayPal, CCBill, iBill, ClickBank, eFax, Mcafee, Norton Antivirus, 2Checkout, iTunes US, Google Checkout, Google Adwords, Moneybookers US, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, GoDaddy etc. Simply shop anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Cards can be used for both online and offline purchases over the phone.

Q. What exactly is a PayPal VCC?
A. It is a virtual card with a preloaded $5 amount that supports AVS (address verification system) and may be used to verify PayPal accounts. Simply add a PayPal VCC as a credit card or debit card to your PayPal account. Then check your card statement absolutely FREE and get a four (4) digit expuse code (expanded use code) from it. Become PayPal verified and raise your limits! In some cases it is necessary to register your card before adding it to PayPal. The BLUE and YELLOW cards can be registered with ANY COUNTRY and can be used to verify US and international PayPal accounts. PayPal virtual credit card can also be used to verify Facebook, Google Adwords, AlertPay, Ioffer and other similar online accounts.

Q. Can I use PayPal VCC and Prepaid Virtual Visa Credit Cards for regular online shopping?
A. Absolutely. It works just like any regular debit card and can be used to shop online anywhere Visa is accepted.

Q. What other purposes can virtual visa cards be used for?
A. Our cards can be used to pay for recurring charges, subscriptions, memberships and other periodic payments.

Q. Can I reload the VCC?
A. No, it is a one time load card.

Q. Can I use any name and any address each time I use the card?
A. Yes!

Q. How long is the VCC valid for?
A. Our VCC's are valid for one year

Q. How do I apply for a card?
A. There is no application. Simply buy a visa virtual card at our web site using available payment methods. There is no credit check. No paperwork or forms to fill out. Everyone is approved!

VCC's available and the cost:

* US$ 10 Visa Virtual Card = US$119.99
* US$ 30 Visa Virtual Card = US$142.99
* US$ 40 Visa Virtual Card = US$153.99
* US$ 50 Visa Virtual Card = US$164.99
* US$ 100 Visa Virtual Card =US$129.99
* US$ 500 Visa Virtual Card =US$699.99

NOTE: Add 10% to the above cost if you remit payment by MoneyGram or Western Union.

Here's the deal:

Remit your payment for your Virtual Credit Card at our secure on-line order form, and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram, Liberty Reserve or Western Union. Sorry credit cards not accepted for this product. We don't even require a name or address and no ID is needed. All that is required for this exciting offer is simply your order and payment.

Once we receive cleared funds for your order, within a few banking working days (subject to availability) we'll send you your Virtual credit card number, along with the expiry date and CVV2 code.You can even check you balance on-line. It can't be any easier than that. No physical card is sent to you, so NO ONE knows who or where you are, not even PT Club!

Once we receive your payment and send you your details (and you confirm receipt,) we will shred any and all ordering information so NO ONE has your ordering details for this card. One can't be any more secure than that!

We must admit, this is one of the best privacy products we've offered in a long time and our supply of cards will surely run out fast.

Your opening balance is USD 50 to USD 5,000 for the opening balance depends on which load amount you want preloaded. The choice is yours and simple to make. So your virtual credit card details are emailed to you ready to use. You can purchase products on-line in the USA or anywhere in the world!

Taking into account the card comes preloaded, it makes the card even more valuable.

A word of advice from an old friend, PT Club: It has been our experience over many years that when such anonymous products like this any name, no ID Virtual credit card comes along, insecure governments really dislike these type of products because of the incredible degree of anonymity they offer. This is in spite of the fact they are 100% legal.

Terrocrats, at times, do everything in their power to shut down these types of products and programs. Case in point was the offshore credit cards out of the Caribbean arena a few years back. So many Americans jumped onto that band wagon, the IRS brought the programs down and went after a lot of card holders to boot! That's not possible with these cards. There's no name attached to the card, nor is there any address or details whatsoever. Even if anyone wanted to search for the details of the holder, the bank couldn't possibly comply. You know the authorities won't like that ;-)

Therefore we are purposely limiting the number of cards for sale and trust by doing so will not bring unwanted attention to these products. In addition we ask each person who purchases these cards to keep their mouth shut and do not go bragging about them on chat groups and to
people who frown on such things.

These Virtual any name credit cards are highly anonymously so treat them with respect and we can all enjoy their use for many years to come. Open your big mouth, and the program will come under scrutiny, get it? Just use your card legally and discreetly and enjoy the anonymity they offer.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer before the price increase, send us an e-mail and provide us with the e-mail address you wish the card details to be sent to. Just indicate your preferred method of remittance for your order and we'll send you the pay-in particulars.

We recommend you use pgp if you have it. Our pgp key can be downloaded at: http://www.ptclub.com/pgpkey.html

Be sure to send us your pgp key with your paid order and include your preferred method of payment for option one or option two and the load you want with load option. For fastest service we recommend e-gold.We also accept MoneyGram and Western Union remittances.

How To order:
Fill out the order form below and indicate your requirements.

Payment can be made to us by Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram, BitCoinx and Western Union. Just indicate your preferred method payment and we'll send you the remittance particulars once we receive your order.

Remember in order to receive expedited service, make 100% sure you use

"Virtual Any Name Credit Card"

for your product code when ordering

Price - click here to download the PDF price sheet!

Click here to order immediately from our secure on-line order form.

We accept payment by MoneyGram, Western Union, Liberty Reserve and bank to bank wires.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!